Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud – Turning Employees Into Citizen Philanthropists

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud – Turning Employees Into Citizen Philanthropists

‘Lead with a purpose’ is the backbone of the whole idea Salesforce collaborated with the non-profit group United Way to launch the Philanthropy Cloud. A platform which will allow corporations and employees to connect with the causes they genuinely care for. Salesforce welcomes you to the new era of giving. Philanthropy Cloud aims to convert employees into citizen philanthropists by encouraging and empowering them to give back and take a step to bring the change.

The Idea Behind…

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud is a revolutionary marketplace which attempts at giving, first of its kind aiming to connect employees, corporations and nonprofit organizations on a big scale. Philanthropy Cloud will imbibe a new level of simplicity to giving back. This network will revolutionize the way in which the people volunteer or give or engage with the causes they wish to stand for. It will bring down social impact to a personal level. Philanthropy Cloud profiles will render the employees a roadmap and support their journey as a citizen philanthropist. Here giving is a team sport via this new network employees can collaborate with their colleagues and teams and expand their impact. Philanthropy Cloud will enable the next-gen of citizen philanthropists to stand for their cause, invest their talent, efforts, and money and cause a meaningful social impact in their communities.

Salesforce Philanthropy will make giving Accessible, Simple and Effective.

  • Accessible– Since it is a single network it can easily connect individuals, corporations, and nonprofits at scale.
  • Simple– Ease of use. Deals with single profiles, highly personalized experience and single click actions on any device.
  • Effective– a Single integrated platform to interact, operate and make an impact.

Features That Make It The Talk of The Town Now

1. Maximize Impact

Salesforce Philanthropy provides you with a lucid, easy to use, maintenance free and intuitive interface that will enable your employees to make their contributions of their choice. It has built-in intelligent case management tools that will help to connect you to the corporate philanthropy experts at United Way Worldwide. They can guide you to help you organize and operationalize and market the employee programs.

2. Uncovering Ways To Give Back

With thousands of nonprofits across the globe, it can be pretty overwhelming to pick up the right cause for you. Philanthropy Cloud leverages Einstein AI technology to comb through millions of opportunities and aiding the employees to uncover the most meaningful causes to make a contribution.

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3. Easily Accessible

Salesforce Philanthropy cloud will allow each and every individual to be fully aware of and complete visibility into their social impact footprint from all possible devices. It also has the provision to report a user ’s personal impact history following the evolution of their career path.

4. Gauge Your Personal and Corporate Impact

Establishing the business value for corporate philanthropy is often challenging but is of utmost importance for success. Philanthropy Cloud has reporting tools that help the companies realize, access and analyze their employee’s engagement data and the subsequent impact of it on Sustainable Development Goals.

5. Customizable on The Organizational Front

Organizations can add their corporate brand identity to Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud by using their logo or custom color palette that remains uniform throughout the platform for employee’s seamless experience. They can also ensure engagement by adding specific related content which can span across anything right from individual stories to campaigns and volunteering opportunities.

6. Philanthropy At Scale

Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud caters to performance and scale. Employees and the companies connect to millions of nonprofit organization and charitable causes. It draws from the largest nonprofit databases and stays updated on the various current activities and their progress through rich content and thorough sharing.

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Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud built on Customer Success Platform is the corporate impact platform fabricated for the new era of giving. It will give the corporations the provision to choose from a suite of nonprofits. The employees will have to log in to answer their preferences and in turn, receive tailored recommendations from Salesforce AI Einstein. So it carves out a path for every employee to access a global network of opportunities to identify the cause they feel for, volunteer for the cause and donate to make a meaningful contribution.

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