What is a Salesforce PDO Partner?

Salesforce Talent Alliance

Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) represents a broad spectrum of Salesforce consulting partners who hold expertise in enabling businesses to build commercial applications on Salesforce. They are subject-matter experts who provide services around training, supporting, marketing, or selling your app.
Salesforce PDOs are experts who help overcome issues when it comes to custom Salesforce development, security review, package creation & deployment, or Salesforce integration with other APIs, products, or internal systems. They may even be employed to serve as an extension to the Consulting/ISV partner team for aiding the development capabilities.

Why choose Algoworks as a Salesforce PDO?

Certified PDO

Algoworks is a certified Salesforce PDO Expert Navigator across multiple PDO specializations.


We specialize in Product Ideation, Architecture and UX Design, Release Management, Security Review, and Product Support.

AppExchange Experts

With experience in designing and delivering solutions, we help SaaS entrepreneurs thrive on AppExchange.

Why should you work with a PDO?

Drive the entire product lifecycle

From vision to delivery, Salesforce PDO can provide you valuable insights to help with the future scalability of your idea. The PDO team can get the AppExchange application across the finish line.

Help close your sales deal faster

By conducting a successful technical pre-sales process, PDOs can accurately evaluate the budget and timelines. This would help the sales team have all the answers to the clients’ questions and quickly seal the deal.

Help get through the Security Review process

The Appexchange Security Review is quite rigorous and complex. PDOs have experience in guiding products through reviews all the time. They will ensure that the product would be scalable and flexible.

Advise on market strategy and customer success

PDOs can guide you through the best way and the right data to take your product to market. They have in-depth knowledge of the best business models which AppExchange startups can utilize to promote and distribute their product.

Assist with preparing technical documentation

The PDO team can prepare and transfer technical documentation, codebase updates/improvements, press kits, integration APIs, and even work on pre-sales campaign data that could help your organization achieve more out of a product or app idea.

Do you want to hire a Salesforce PDO?

Algoworks is a certified Salesforce PDO with more than 10 years of experience.