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User Interface Testing?

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Graphical User Interface testing, as the name suggests, is a set of services designed specifically to test the functionality, performance, and effectiveness of User Interface. In easy terms, we check if your menus, forms, graphical elements, buttons, etc. work and perform smoothly on all devices and platforms.

The GUI of the app is what is ultimately presented to the user and any error in its functioning may have serious consequences. We here at Algoworks help you in making sure that your User Experience is awesome on every device and in every condition.

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Enterprise Class Automation and Manual User Interface Testing Services

Automation UI/UX Testing
Our Core

Automation UI/UX Testing

Automated scripts and tools to test User Interface

We develop automated coded UI tests to verify the functionality of interface and test its performance under different conditions. Our process starts with designing and developing a complete automated test scheduling, running, and analyzing solutions using different types of tools and technology sets. The next step is to develop and schedule coded UI tests.

We are experts in all automation testing tools and environments including Selenium, JasperJS, Maven, Jenkins, MS Coded UI, etc.

Functional automated UI testing.

Integration automated UI testing.

Developing complete automated testing environment.

Developing and scheduling automated test jobs.

manual ui testing services
Our Core

Manual UI/UX Testing

We will test every button, every form, and every element

We here at Algoworks are an expert team of manual testers and have a knack for finding out the most difficult of interface bugs and challenges. We are trend-setters on testing industry best practices, and constantly evolve ourselves to present more engaging and definitive services. We are experienced developers of test management solutions, having robust project analysis features.

We follow strict agile development methodologies but have experience in tackling every type of development lifecycle.

Developing complete testing environments & sandboxes.

Unit module manual UI testing

Integrated system manual UI testing.

Developing test management workflow & reporting.

Web Interface Testing Services

Web Interface Testing

We are experts in end-to-end web User Interface testing

Test Development and implementation

We develop and implement end-to-end User Interface and User Experience test using automated and manual methods

Business Logic Implementation

We make sure that the User Interface and its related elements conforms to business process workflows.

Test Management Solution

We design and implement complete test management solution for both automated and manual testing.

User Interface Performance

Using industry best practices and methods, we test the performance of web UI under different stress conditions.

Our Core

Mobile Interface Testing

We test every app on at least 20 different screens

We help app owners make sure that their mobile’s User Interface and User Experience is far above industry standards, capable to challenge even the most famous of apps.

Test experts at Algoworks test each app on at least 20 different types of smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices. We are mobile geeks and nerds with a large set of mobile devices ranging from soon-to-be launched prototypes to obscure stone age smartphones.

Automated mobile UI testing using latest tools.

User experience and time-per-action testing.

Mobile Interface Testing Solutions

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