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Speakers of 2023

Collision Conference 2023 is bringing a global chorus of top tech trailblazers across the globe who will deliver insightful speeches on breakthrough innovations, digital trends, startup growth, and technology’s evolving impact on business landscapes.

Collision Conference 2023 and Algoworks

Collision 2023

How Should You Prepare For The Event?

Gear up diligently for the most standout tech event: gather documents, book accommodations, and understand attendee demographics to formulate effective networking strategies.

Enjoy Toronto’s extended summer evenings during the event, which are conducive to longer networking sessions; pack accordingly. Identify your target audience, leverage event intelligence for strategic planning to drive good leads, and develop quality partnerships.

Our Association

Algoworks and Collision 2023

Algoworks, an acclaimed leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, is partnering with Collision 2023, the world’s most rapidly expanding tech event. The company’s top minds, including Rachit Agarwal (Co-Founder & Director), Pratyush Kumar ( Co-Founder & President) & Vidit Kumar ( Vice President), will unveil their technological virtuosity, share insights and spark discussions in various panels and workshops.

Join us on a Thrilling Ride into the Future: Tech Spectacle Ahead!

Collision Conference 2023 and Algoworks

Collision Conference

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Let’s Move Further!

Is It Worth Attending Collision Conference?

Collision 2023 offers four enriching days of interactions and sessions with leading technology personalities across sectors. Benefits offered:

Networking: Meet influential tech figures and boost your business growth at our event with 40,000+ attendees.

Learning & Development: Join workshops and Q&As, learn crucial insights from industry leaders through roundtables.

Exclusive Content: Beyond tech, authors, musicians, and policy leaders discuss technology’s impact on their fields, featuring world-class speakers.

Seize this opportunity to exhibit your products, establish connections, and boost sales.

Ready To Experience The Collision Of Minds?

Meet Us At The Conference.

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