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Algoworks can help you with document conversion, document design, layout, configuration, connecting external systems via APIs, etc., and assist your organization in creating the ideal document automation procedure.

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Create a single document instead of multiple documents.

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Cloud Based Tool

Cloud based tool

WebMerge is a cloud based tool and an online platform striving to provide you one of the fastest way to streamline your paperwork processes ever.

Document Automation

Fillable PDF forms

Upload your document and the fields will be available to merge automatically. It will provide a professional looking document. Neat & precise.

data routing

Easy Data routing

Push data from a single feed to various documents based on predefined values and create multiple docs from one data feed.

Customizable document templates

Customizable document templates

Get customizable options for creating any sort of document, be it a PDF, Excel spreadsheets, Word doc, or PPT presentation.

HTML Document Builder

Html document builder

Make your own document by using simple document builder offered by WebMerge. Plus, it helps you create visuals as well.

creating a single document

Powerful content

Create a single document instead of multiple documents, set up different delivery options and determine distinct conditions for each.

Flexible delivery model

Flexible Delivery model

Get flexible delivery options for your merged documents and set up conditions for each, thereby providing more adaptability and ease to users.

data security

Data security

Keep your data safe with passwords. Have full control over how your data is delivered anywhere you want because security is vital.

webmerge integration

Multiple user access

Integrate WebMerge into your team by providing access to multiple users so that they can create new documents, manage them, and more.

simple data upload

Simple data upload

Upload data via a Comma Separated File and it will be manually merged with your documents cutting down significant efforts.

data capture

In-app data capture

Data Capture tool offered by WebMerge can help you collect data to merge with a document or data route via an online form.

salesforce integration

Salesforce integration

WebMerge can be integrated with Salesforce® CRM easily. Work with our celebrated certified experts on Salesforce® and WebMerge each.

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document creation

What is WebMerge?

Webmerge is an online platform that provides with the ability to collect data, populate a document, and share it with any contact automatically, and with ease.

It offers flexible document types, dynamic content, and delivery options that fit into business requirements.

document automation procedure

WebMerge merges Salesforce® object data automatically into a PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation instantly.

webmerge integration and automation

Creating a document has become easier with WebMerge as it helps in minimizing the efforts of copying and pasting contents.


About the expertise

We are end-to-end Salesforce experts and we help organizations get the full benefit out of their Salesforce®️ CRM by providing Salesforce®️ Consultancy and Salesforce®️ Development Strategy. We can help you in redefining how you use Salesforce®️.

WebMerge provides flexible document types, dynamic content, and delivery options that fit into business requirements. It minimizes the efforts for copying and pasting the contents in order to create any document.

We hold the capability of integrating Webmerge with Salesforce seamlessly and leveraging these solutions to address client business needs. We have successfully implemented custom business flows for our clients.

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