Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications

The latest generation of innovative software solutions, Software-as-a-Service applications is the latest business solution delivery model in which the application is hosted remotely on the solution provider’s infrastructure. The solution users don’t need to download or install any other software other than a browser or mobile app.

The model saves time and resource on development, up-gradation, distribution, marketing, and client conversion.

As a

SaaS application development company

, we help software vendors bring their products to SaaS model.

SaaS application development



From developing first viable product to scaling it into a giant solution, we will be with you at every step.

SaaS based product development company

with experience in building industry leading Software-as-a-Service applications.

SaaS Application Consulting

We have decade log experience in this field and drawing from this experience we help organizations plan and implement their SaaS application roadmap.

SaaS Application Development

We convert your ideas into a scalable and extendable Software-as-a-Service application solutions. We are end-to-end solution experts.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

We help software vendors plan and implement multi-tenant architecture in their Software-as-a-Service application.

Third-Party Integration

From connecting external data sources to integrating payment gateways, we help you connect your SaaS app with 3rd party solutions.

Mobile Applications

We can bring your SaaS solution to Mobile platform. We are experts in all native and hybrid mobile application platforms.

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We Are Expert

Integration and API Developers

For a SaaS solution to be effective, it should have capabilities to intelligently communicate with other 3rd party solutions, datasources, and services. We help make that possible.

Integration with 3rd party solutions

Experts in integrating SaaS apps with 3rd party solutions via custom integration apps or APIs.

Custom API Development

As a SaaS based product development company, we develop custom API for your app for easy data exchange.

Integration with Data Source

We develop custom solutions to help integration with external data sources.

We Are Experts In

Analytics & Data Management

Your application is incomplete without

Integrated Reporting and Data Analytics

Software-as-a-Service Applications are unique in a way that they generate a lot of data. This data if left unused or without supervision, may cause you and your clients to miss some business opportunities or miss critical unforeseen issues related to application performance and usage.

We here at Algoworks can help you and your end clients make more out of your data through advanced data analytics and reporting solutions. From data preparation to data collection, from developing predictive analytics algorithms to creating stunning data visualization solutions, we handle all.

Our Saas Application Development team is expert

in creating integrated bespoke analytics solutions using custom tools or pre-built tools like Pentaho, Qlik, Tableau, etc.

Custom Data Management Solution

Data Warehouse and Data Mart Development

Intuitive Data Visualization Solutions

Data Reporting and Analytics Solutions
Cloud Make Your SaaS Truly On-Demand

Cloud & Strategy

For your SaaS app to be truly called an on-demand service, it needs to have the power of cloud backing its sails. We help SaaS app owners deploy and manage their apps on cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Consultancy

From cloud infrastructure selection consulting to resource management, we help at every step.

Cloud Development

We develop and deploy complete application solution on Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Scaling

Need to scale up your app quickly? We help you harness the power of cloud in scaling the app resources easily.

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