Helping organizations extract actionable business insights through Qlikview and Qliksense

Qlikview and Qliksense are robust business intelligence and data visualization tools powering business decisions of many small to large scale organizations. Rapidly deployable, highly customizable, robustly scalable, and easily extendable, Qlik is a product that can be used to handle any scale of data easily. The business intelligence solution can be deployed on premise or on cloud, and is easily integrated with all types of data marts and database types.

We here at Algoworks offer end-to-end QlikView and QlikSense development services

QlikView Business Intelligence Services
Why Algoworks

QlikView And Qliksense
Business Intelligence Redefined

QlikView And Qliksense Business Intelligence

Industry Experts

From marketing companies to data repositories, we have catered to all domains.

Data Experts

Our experienced data scientists can guide you on how to best utilize raw data.

Integration Experts

We are experts in integrating multiple data sources in single solution.

Frontend Experts

We are experts in creating Qlikview based frontend apps.


QlikView Services
Intuitive Data Visualization

Qlikview Development Services

We develop custom reports, dashboards, business notification solutions, and decision tree algorithms using Qlikview.

Data Preparation Services

We help companies setup cloud based or on-premise based data marts and data aggregation centers to improve data extraction.

Qlikview App Development

We develop custom Qlikview apps to extend the functionalities of your Qlik solution. All our apps are reusable with modular architecture.

Qlikview Consulting

We advise companies on making more out of their Qlikview solution.

Qlikview Web Solutions

We develop robust web data visualization and data analysis solutions using Qlikview and Qliksense.

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Is your data Qlik ready?

QlikView Data Preparation

Before data can be easily and speedily analyzed, it needs to be aggregated, curated, and properly segmented to accelerate extraction of insights. We help companies in preparing their data and making it Qlik Ready.

Data Mart Preparation

We develop custom scripts to aggregate data from various locations and save it in special data marts.

Server Clustering

We can cluster multiple servers, simplifying collection of data from multiple sources.

Qlik on Cloud

We are experts on all cloud platforms and can help you prepare your solution on a cloud infrastructure.

QlikView and QlikSense Development Services

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