Being Right Technology Partner For Startups Is Not A Cakewalk

Being Right Technology Partner For Startups Is Not A Cakewalk

Building a startup is almost as similar as playing with building blocks. One of the most daunting tasks which entrepreneur of any startup company faces is finding the right technology partner to work with. You have so many different areas to think when it comes to launching your first product in the market. These includes pricing, market competition and value generation. So, it’s not “just” about having an idea, it’s also about making things happen in today’s technology competitive market.

Whether you are on web, mobile or cloud, technology is of great importance to business nowadays. As a visionary entrepreneur, you definitely have set goals and objectives to achieve and to understand the need of genuine and specialized technical expertise your business truly requires. You must be puzzled by such wavering thoughts like, should you look for colleagues with technological skill? Or an expert technology partner can help or approaching the freelance technologists should be helpful?

Such thoughts haunt an entrepreneur day and night and as a technology partner, I understand the burden of managing with constant technological problems. I have even found majority of startups nowadays have the right business model but they usually fail to deliver their product or services due to this lack of understanding of the technology and the market.

As a startup, you would want a partner that can understand your business requirements, enunciate your vision back to you. Your technology partner would definitely be the one who can help you in establishing a rapport with your customers and one who believes in constructing a pathway, step by step, towards your vision.

Thought Intriguing

As a technology partner and your albatross in this trivial journey I would suggest some generic thoughts to ponder over for all startups:

1: Need of your Startup

Your startup is your baby, you must understand its needs and problems. Make a checklist of your startup’s technological needs. These needs would be on Web, ERP, Mobile, Frontend, Backend, CRM, CMS etc. You are an entrepreneur hence, you have to be futuristic.

2: Technology Requisites

Always be a smart businessman. You do not have to be master of all, but be a jack of all trades. To win over you do not have to know everything in depth, but, at least, have an elementary idea of the new age technology which can help you in partnering with best technological support entity.

3: Know your in-house talent

You have the whole of your army troop ready to work for you. This team, of course, comprises of hand-picked professionals who may be doing well in their own specific domain. This talented pool of workers comprises of mechanical engineers, accountants, software developers and even the office boys. Get to know the technological capabilities of your team and then you may decide about outsourcing a trustworthy technology partner.

“A Meteor is not just a shooting star and, of course, Bootstrap is not something which is attached to your shoes” Hence, non-technological entrepreneurs must never shy away from technological issues. They have to understand that technology has always been volatile in nature. For becoming a successful startup entrepreneur they must be keen to learn more effectively with their technological partners. Street-smart in today’s scenario means that one has the ability to survive and prosper in this highly fluctuating technology world.

You must have a ready reckoner as a strategy for choosing wisely your technology partner. Technology which is like a lifeline of every business especially for start-ups necessitates the need of a prudent technology partner for your business.

Marrying The Right Technology Partner

You now have to choose the correct tech partner for your business. Thereby now you have a ready available team of experts suggesting and guiding you through technology challenges in your business.

Right technology partner comes with lot of advantages:

  • Transforming Ideas Into Digital Products:

    The complicated world of startups and software development is intimidating and quite hard to navigate. With the right roadmap in front of you, launching a winning software product becomes simplified. You can be among the one who often says, “I have no idea of how to run a code or I am not a technology lover”. Trial and error may take years of research, setbacks, and heartache, last but not the least lot of money drain.

    “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come (Victor Hugo)” and a right technology partner exactly does the same thing. A right technology partner puts himself in your shoes and helps you with the right mix of technology skills. They help in delivering you a foolproof technology roadmap defining your business specific requirements. They help you to step outside your comfort zone and bring your ideas to live hence takes up all the necessary technology decisions which your business idea may require in the long run.

  • Desired Accreditations and Certifications:

    Right Technology Partners are of course a value addition in your pool of talent, hence helping in achieving the technology vision. They have enough knowledge of working across recent tools and technologies, therefore, proficient in developing cutting-edge, powerful and scalable solutions. They offer unbeatable technical support.

    Accredited and certified technology partners handle promptly the critical issues. This means any critical issue in the application during development, design or deployment can be solved on the go with high priority. This results in complete client satisfaction. There may be times, when your project requires planning, consultation, attention and appropriate development approach, at such times hiring certified technology partner ensures your project is in the right hands.

  • Proven Technology and Agile Methodology:

    Right technology partners do it in an Agile way ensuring flexibilities in execution. This provides startup entrepreneurs with an opportunity to leverage technology expertise and materialize big ideas into great companies. They conceptualize your business plan which is accepted and, therefore, works cohesively with you in order to offer you all the technology and consulting support that you need in shaping your vision into reality.

    Technology partners use agile methodology which is a powerful tool, hence provides benefits to the development team and offer many business benefits. Agile methodology is more business focused. It re-organizes and re-envisions the activities which are involved in custom software development. This gives the client an opportunity to remain involved throughout the project


Of course choosing right technology partner is an arduous task, but once you have tied knots with that perfect technology associate, startups can easily run through the race and can successfully win over this ordeal. Now the business can be easily taken to the next level. This is the first technology hurdle which many startups face. They remain worrisome what to do and who to choose and opting for right technology partner seems to the most triumphant solution according to me.

I hope you had a fun time reading. For more updates on cutting edge technologies, startups technology dilemmas, cloud, web or mobile stay tuned with our blogs.

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