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About Case Management App

Algoworks Case Management App is now Salesforce Lightning-ready with 100% native application functionalities. This app is developed to improve the end-to-end case management process - merge similar cases, divide a case into sub-cases, and monitor Case SLA. The application has an intuitive flag system that makes the case management process simpler and faster.

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Never miss your Case SLA - Use the intuitive flag feature to keep track of all your cases.

Merge similar Cases into one, configure Case merge data, create search criteria, and do more.

Divide an existing Case into more Sub-Cases with the help of the Case split function.

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    Case Flag

    Access all your case-related service level agreements (SLAs) through the app’s exclusive case flagging feature. With the help of Case flagging, you can easily set up the flag stages with different colors based on the SLA conditions.

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    Case Merge

    Application authorized users can use the app to search and identify duplicate Cases. Based on the search results, collide the cases into a single one. The application also auto-clones the associated child objects such as attachments, notes, emails, etc. of all duplicate cases into the master Case.

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    Case Split

    The application users can divide one Case into multiple Cases. They have the flexibility to select the needful information and copy it into the new Cases. They can specify which child objects are to be transferred to the newly created cases.

They use it. They love it.

"The app works flawlessly. There are many aspects of this app that are extremely helpful to any service org. This has helped us to reduce our overall resolution times significantly. A "must have" if you use the Case object.

- Scott O'Brien (Director, Major Accounts & Business Development - Consumer Testing Laboratories)

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Easily clear flag or set flag with algoworks case management app

you can clear flag or set flag & search duplicate cases...

Case Management App by Algoworks
Salesforce AppExchange

Case Management App By Algoworks

Algoworks launched their third app on Salesforce AppExchange®, the Case Management App. It is meant to make Case Management remarkably easy for users.

Salesforce development users who were facing difficulties in managing the ‘Cases’ on Salesforce® can now take a sigh of relief. Algoworks, a B2B IT services firm recently launched Case Management App on Salesforce AppExchange®.

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Browse through some of the applications screenshots.

Salesforce Case Management App Screenshot
Screenshot of Case Management App
Case management app configuration
Serach and add case on Salesforce Case Management App
AppExchange App for case Management
Congiguration of Salesforce Case Management App

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