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Integrating DevOps and automating Salesforce deployments

Salesforce development is quite different as it involves less code writing as compared to other typical software development.

DevOps for Salesforce development helps induce a continuous loop of feedback from the customers, and improve the app quality. It enables businesses to deliver apps quickly by using practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery.

Automating Salesforce Consultant helps in improving the metadata code. Just with a few clicks, the configuration changes seamlessly to multiple Salesforce environments. Automated deployments improve the productivity of development and operation teams, aiding them in improving app quality and stability.

What do we offer?

Algoworks integrates successful DevOps adoption for Salesforce development by providing technical support and maturity assessment.

Cloud Technology

Code Quality and Security Reviews

We evaluate existing code and ensure compliance with best practices for security.

Cloud Development

Data Cleansing and Analysis

We examine data quality and deliver cleansed, de-duplicated data.

Cloud Migration

Multi-Platform Testing

We use latest testing and automation tools to run tests on different platforms and devices.

Cloud Optimization

Continuous Testing and QA

We run manual and automated regression testing to ensure proper functionality.

Cloud Strategy Services

Best Practices for DevOps in Salesforce

Functional Testing

Implementing tools like selenium to automate testing processes.


Managing source code

Ensuring the management of source code and other components.



Tracking parameters beyond performance and service availability.


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