® Power of Lightning™

Harness the Power of Lightning™ – Build and Deploy powerful apps.

The power of Lightning™ comes with full suite of tools for admin,
business users and developers for building apps which automates
the complex business processes into faster and easier way.
Algoworks provides end-to-end development services. development company

Lightning effect of®

Fast with minimal coding® is fast as it requires minimal coding.

Completely secured® offers completely powerful and flexible security architecture.

Form builder

Several tools like drag and drop, UIs and other components eases development and deployment.

Mobile and SMO

Applications based on® can be run on all smartphones includes iPhone and iPads, hence the platform provides a mobile optimized platform.

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Algoworks’ Approach To® App Development

Our exclusive services are as follows:

Assess, Strategize, and Analyze

We focus on the initial requirement gathering assessment. We analyze and strategize the business requirements based on the choice with consistent cost and technical feasibility checking.

Prototype & Mock-up Development

Algoworks developers are experts in building the complete prototype and mock-up of Salesforce app development solutions.

Application Developing & Testing

Algoworks initiates the application designing and development process after the prototype is built. Later, the expert testers perform QA Testing of applications.

Releasing & Integrating

As a Salesforce Consulting Company, Algoworks provides full-stack applications customizations and integrations with external applications.


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