® Power of Lightning™

Harness the Power of Lightning™ – Build and Deploy powerful apps.

The power of Lightning™ comes with full suite of tools for admin,
business users and developers for building apps which automates
the complex business processes into faster and easier way.
Algoworks provides end-to-end development services. development company

Lightning effect of®

Fast with minimal coding® is fast as it requires minimal coding.

Completely secured® offers completely powerful and flexible security architecture.

Form builder

Several tools like drag and drop, UIs and other components eases development and deployment.

Mobile and SMO

Applications based on® can be run on all smartphones includes iPhone and iPads, hence the platform provides a mobile optimized platform.

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Algoworks’ Approach To® App Development

We provide the following services:

Discovering, Analyzing and Strategizing

We help in the process of requirement gathering, assessing the choice, analyzing the requirement and checking the cost and technical feasibility.

Mock-up and Prototypes

Algoworks technocrats help you with complete prototype development process.

Developing & Testing

After prototyping process, team helps you with designing, development and testing part of application.

Launching and Releasing

Professional technology consultants offer customizations, engagements and integration of your products with other third-party applications.

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