Salesforce Service Cloud Welcomes Einstein AI, Ropes In Quip As Well

Salesforce Service Cloud Welcomes Einstein AI, Ropes In Quip As Well

A new era of Salesforce Service Cloud is underway with a bunch of Einstein AI capabilities incorporated into the product. The upcoming AI-leveraged Salesforce Service Cloud is being termed as “Proactive Service”.
In order to power customer service workflows with Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce has gone forward for such a step and envisions the future of customer service in a strong light.

Einstein for Service is introducing a few new, yet, powerful features that can be integrated with the current Service Cloud deployments. The new features by Salesforce In Service Cloud are:

  • Einstein Reply
  • Einstein Article Recommendations
  • Einstein Next Best Action
  • Einstein Case Routing

AI and Service Cloud

New Features Introduced By Salesforce In Service Cloud

Einstein Reply

Agent console in Service Cloud will be getting Einstein Reply Recommendations, a natural language processor that recommends agent responses “instantly” through messages and chat. Salesforce Einstein, an Artificial Intelligence platform which was launched in September 2016 and is known for powering more than four billion daily predictions across various services, has the ability to provide tailored and very specific suggestions based on the customer context.

Einstein Article Recommendations

There’s something beyond Einstein Reply too, and that is, what discoveries by Einstein’s Machine Learning can be applied to different service scenarios. For instance, knowledge article recommendations.
By discovering the best knowledge article, customers can indulge in self-service more constructively. This will help them with the ability to locate the required information faster, without going through the tedious task of searching multiple keywords.

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Einstein Next Best Action

Another interesting addition to the agent console, Einstein Next Best Action will tap predictive intelligence along with the business rules for suggesting steps that will aid in giving a boost to cross-selling like providing a complimentary extended warranty to customers on a discontinued product.

Einstein Case Routing

Einstein Case Routing helps in directing cases to the most befitted agent, has the ability to serve more complicated routing than ever, and considers factors like agent skill-set and past resolution success rates for particular case assignment. Einstein Case Routing also provides the benefit of having an optimal agent-case match that leads to faster resolution time. Despite diversifying team changes or product portfolio, Einstein Case Routing optimizes routing continuously, and that too without the intervention of the admin.

“Now Watch Me Quip” – Service Cloud

Quip and Service Cloud

Among all these Einstein-centric features, there was a bonus release – the integration of Quip. A document collaboration platform acquired by Salesforce in 2016, Quip is in competition with Zoho Docs, Google Docs, and Microsoft 365.
Integrating Quip with Service Cloud will allow agents to co-author documents, get in employees across different company departments, and host live conversations in case records directly.
Quip for Service will help in placing the Quip collaboration platform into the case object directly. This comes in the play when a case needs backup from various different agents, also called ‘swarming’. Agents can have access to Quip templates in order to communicate with customers efficiently.

The four new Einstein for Service Cloud features discussed above, much more intelligent customer service is on its way for service teams. These features will help the move from case-oriented Agents to customer-oriented ambassadors. It is speculated that the benefits would particularly work in favor for those companies that have rapidly expanding product portfolios, or teams that have high turnover.

Source: Salesforce Ben, VentureBeat

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