Smart Fox Server

Developing large scale massive multiplayer applicationsfor both mobile and web platfroms

multiplayer game development
Mobile Applications

We develop robust mobile applications with advanced real-time multi-player features.

Massive Multiplayer Games

Smartfox server is an awesome solution for creating massive multiplayer games and we are experts in both games and Smartfoxserver.

Communities, forums, communication channels..

Smartfoxserver is not just used for gaming. With some innovation and creativity, it can solve many different problems.

Analytics Report Service

We make smart data analytics tools for smart decision makeingWe are experts in creating state of the art reporting, and data analytics solutions

Data Migration and Transformation

We help organizations convert their raw data into meaningful databases that help in making insightful decisions..

Data Visualization

How data is analyzed depends also on how that data is presented. We help you present your data in a very intuitive manner.

Data Analytics

We help you make smart decisions that are backed by extracting meaningful insights gleaned from data.

Live Data Analytics Solutions

Video Stream Custom solutions

Creating On-Demand Custom Engineering Solutions for Video & Live Event Streaming, We are excited to help you harness the ultimate power of video via our best Video Stream Services.

Video Stream Services
Live Video Streaming

We are experts in creating live video streaming solutions for both broadcasting and communication.

Video Communication

Custom video communication solutions for one-to-one or many-to-many video communication.

Video Storage

We help organization create custom video and digital storage solutions that complement their video streaming solutions.

We can Transform your Business

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Webrtc App Development

Algoworks has experience in creating web and mobile apps using WebRTC standards we are experts in creating WebRTC based custom video streaming solutions

P2P Audio Video Communication

We develop custom peer-to-peer audio and video communication solutions using WebRTC.

Seamless Communication

We are especially good in creating WebRTC based solutions that run seamlessly on both mobile and web platforms.

Messaging and File Sharing

WebRTC can also be used to develop realtime messaging and file sharing solutions that transcends devices.

WebRTC Game Development

TokBox Development

TokBox and its open source version OpenTok are leading WebRTC platformsWe help organizations quickly develop and deploy TokBox based custom communication solutions.

TokBox Development Company
HTML based communication

WebRTC and HTML based communication that can be easily integrated with both web and mobile solutions.

Peer-to-peer Data Sharing

Custom secure peer-to-peer communication solutions using Tokbox.

Interactive Communication

Take one-to-one and one-to-many communication to next level through interactive communication solutions built using TokBox.