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Case Manager App

$6 per month

Case Manager is a lightning-ready 100% native app designed to help in better case management – merge duplicate cases, split a case into multiple cases, and manage Case SLA via an intuitive flag system.

  • Case Flag
  • Case Split
  • Case Merge
  • Seamlessly work with your existing/new Salesforce cases
  • Case Merging and Case Splitting of related objects
  • Client Case Tracking: case tracking of your case priority
  • Tracking for Cases
  • Improved accountability
  • Increased productivity
  • Manage cases with flexibility
field Tracker app logo

Field History Tracking App


Salesforce administrators can now have a single interface to manage fields’ data tracking for both standard and custom objects. Your organization’s compliance with various data policies and regulations is easy to support now!

  • Field Audit
  • Data Retention
  • 40 Field Tracker
  • Seamless Tracking
  • Track the history of any changes
  • 40 Custom Field Tracking
  • 40 Standard Field Tracking
  • User Tracking
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Manage cases with flexibility
phone number location tracking logo

Phone Location Tracking App


Algoworks Phone Location Tracker is designed for your Salesforce Org that enables you to track the location and local timezone of your lead/contact based on their phone numbers. Now no more ill-timed calls!

  • Easy Edits
  • Lightning
  • Tracks Time Zone
  • Visual Location on the map
  • Time zones displayed
  • Data Customizable
  • Color-coded verification
  • User Tracking
  • No Wrong Time Calling
approval manager logologo

Approval Manager App


Algoworks Approval Manager is a 100% Salesforce native application. Salesforce user now has a single interface to view and manage approvals. Perform bulk approval, set approval reminders, and perform approval action directly through email links.

  • Merged View
  • Bulk Actions
  • Timed Zones
approval manager app
  • Salesforce native application
  • Single Interface
  • Data Customizable
  • Easy Bulk Approvals
  • Easy Bulk Rejections
  • Easy Filters
  • Lightning Interface
oppourtunity manager logo

Opportunity Manager App


Algoworks Opportunity Manager (AWOM) is a® native application designed intuitively and ingeniously, inspired by the demands and preferences of the many thousands of users of the basic Opportunity tool in Salesforce®.

  • Less Clicks
  • Top Filters
  • Graphical UI
oppourtunity manager app
  • Editable Pipeline
  • Interactive Timeline
  • Infographic Tools
  • Easy-to-use Pagination
  • Record-View Mode

PDF Watermark App


Salesforce user can now add watermark in their documents through click of a button from inside Salesforce. The solution allows user to define the watermark text or image, position, color and font size to enrich their documents.

  • Watermarks
  • Positioning
  • No Code
pdf watermark app
  • Custom watermark
  • Format watermark
  • Editable size
  • Editable color
  • Editable opacity
  • Time saving