Seamless Salesforce Data Migration

Data migration is a complex and tricky task that needs expertise and the right technical methodologies. Migrating and integrating data from one CRM system to another has its own set of challenges.

Our Salesforce Migration and Integration experts work proficiently to deliver seamless and successful Salesforce migration and integration services by deploying the best practices to manage data, reduce risks, and eliminate errors.

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Risk-free Salesforce Migration and Integration Services by Algoworks

Mapping the plan

Before commencing data migration, our consultants begin with mapping out a detailed, thorough migration plan.

Selecting the data

From the overall data gathered by different teams, we select and filter the most relevant data for the client’s business.

Mapping the data

In cases of lack of sales records in the CRM system, our experts offer initiate data cleansing and data deduplication.

Migrating the data

Based on the client’s data volume and complexity, we migrate the data from other source systems using the latest tools.


After migrating the data to Salesforce, we run tests to ensure that all the data is transferred successfully without any errors.

Integrating the data

During the data migration process, we take data protection as a priority. We ensure that the data accuracy is maintained throughout.

How does Algoworks

Overcome Migration Challenges?

Every kind of data migration and integration has a set of challenges and migrating to Salesforce is no different. Our Salesforce experts overcome such challenges in the following ways:

We migrate small data sets instead of bulk migration
We remove unnecessary and duplicate data fields
We run a bunch of tests to ensure smooth data integration
We conduct regular sprints to ensure cohesiveness
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