What is Digital 360?

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud are combined in Digital 360 to provide a comprehensive picture of the customer throughout the purchase process. It provides a centralized source of truth for customizing client experiences. Consider it a one-stop-shop for all of your Salesforce CRM Development Services requirements.
Simply said, Digital 360 integrates all of your consumer touchpoints in order to foster strong customer-brand interactions.

Features of Digital 360

Google and Salesforce – By integrating first-party data to accomplish smarter measurement and activation, including Customer Match, across marketing and advertising, the strategic relationship between Google and Salesforce Consultant lets marketers better understand their consumers in a way that respects privacy and preserves trust.”

Trailhead Marketer Career Path – Trailhead is a free online learning platform from Salesforce. It contains a dedicated location with all the necessary tools for beginners and advanced marketing professionals.

Salesforce Order Management – Beyond the purchase button, Salesforce Order Management helps businesses with fulfillment, delivery, and loyalty. Companies can see real-time inventory across an entire network of stores and fulfillment centers with Omnichannel Inventory and Distributed Order Management, allowing them to turn their stores into distribution centers and offer customers a variety of delivery options, including same-day delivery, buy online pick up in-store, and more.

Snapchat Audience Match – Marketers can now generate targeted, tailored advertising audiences for Snapchat using first-party data held in Salesforce. Companies may leverage what they currently know about their consumers to engage them on the platform with personalized, 1-to-1 content.

WhatsApp Integration – With keyword recognition, transactional messaging, and more, Marketing Cloud’s WhatsApp Business Solution can help businesses enhance client engagement. Companies may now engage directly with clients on WhatsApp by creating an account, channels, and message templates.

Salesforce Commerce CDP – Salesforce CDP offers an insightful picture of first-party customer data to companies across different touchpoints. Salesforce CDP allows Commerce Cloud data integration to provide a single source platform to marketers. With Salesforce CDP, marketers gain the ability to utilize cross-channel marketing data insights.

B2B2C Commerce – All new B2B2C Commerce platform is perfect for B2B enterprises. It is easy to build and easy to connect through a direct-to-consumer or D2C eCommerce shop. No coding is required. Simply, acquire first-party data without engaging distributors and retailers. Gain a clear understanding of the consumer base and link the marketing and sales activities altogether. Support all types of activities to generate positive sales income.

Marketing Cloud Datorama Reports – Marketers now have immediate access to the new email, mobile, and journey reports to monitor and enhance performance – all within the Marketing Cloud interface, thanks to Salesforce Datorama, Marketing Cloud’s analytics product.

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Digital 360 Cloud Services

Marketing Cloud

Marketers can collect data across channels and services using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, then use data insights to deliver personalized, connected marketing experiences.

Commerce Cloud

B2B and B2C organizations may use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to provide seamless purchasing experiences across mobile, internet, and social platforms.

Experience Cloud

It is a digital experience platform that enables businesses to easily create integrated CRM-powered digital experiences for their customers, partners, and workers.