Business and Technical Consulting

No business is without its set of problems, logistic challenges, and management puzzles. We help businesses overcome these challenges through targeted software solutions so that they can do what they do best and do it with considerable less effort.

We have a decade long experience in providing software solutions to complex business management and business workflow process problems. We have worked with industries of all sizes and scales, equipping them with scalable and flexible solutions that adapt to dynamically changing business processes and requirements

Business and Technical Consulting

ECM Strategy and Consultancy

On cloud or on premise, manage your content easilywith our end-to-end Enterprise Content Management consultancy services.

ECM Consulting Services
ECM Development Services

We help organizations in developing robust and scalable content management solutions.

Content Management Strategy

We have over a decade of experience in helping organizations manage their terabytes of digital data.

Migrating Data To ECM Solution

We are experts in migrating large amount of data to Cloud or on-premise server-based ECM systems.


Make most out of your Salesforce instance through a well-planned implementation

Salesforce Implementation

We are experts in planning out the most efficient Salesforce process workflows that meet your business demands.

Salesforce Integration Consulting

We are Salesforce Integration experts and help businesses plan and implement complex integrations.

Salesforce App Consultants

We provide complete salesforce consulting services around custom Salesforce-based AppExchange apps.

Salesforce Implementation Consultant

Ideation & Requirement Elaboration

We help organizations analyze and elaborate their business ideabecause it’s the details that make a big picture GRAND

Ideation & Requirement Elaboration
Detailed Requirement Gathering

We identify opportunities and discover new, high potential markets, needs, and features.

Business Case Roadmap

We research, define, and shape product’s complete business roadmap.

Project Architecture Development

We design flexible technological frameworks that complement business process models and speed up production of first viable products.

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Cloud & Web Strategy

We craft visually stunning Cloud & Web Solutions.Harness the complete potential of a cloud solution and an internet browser.

Cloud Technology Consultancy

We identify the right technology set suitable for your business needs.

Cloud Development Services

We help organizations develop complete Cloud-based solutions for web and mobile ecosystems.

Cloud Migration Services

We help legacy solution owners migrate their software solutions to Cloud-based technologies and optimize their solution for best performance.

Cloud and Web Strategy Consulting