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Business Intelligence Solutions

All latest business solutions generate and use a lot of data. This data, if harnessed properly, can give long term insights on business process and aid in time critical business decisions.

Our bespoke business intelligence and data visualization solutions built using latest BI technologies help the organization to extract meaningful insights from their raw and processed data..

Custom Big Data Analytics Solutions

Why Algoworks

With over a decade of experience in helping companies make more out of their business data, Algoworks has delivered countless solutions in all major data analytics and BI technologies to organizations of all sizes.

From durable, open-source technology based intelligence solutions to stunning data visualization apps using premium BI tools, we have done it all.

Business Intelligence Custom Analytics Solutions
Pentaho Business Intelligence Solutions
Open Source BI Platform

Pentaho BI Solutions

One of the most famous open-source business intelligence platforms, Pentaho BI is robust, scalable, flexible and suitable for data of all sizes. We are experienced Pentaho developers with high expertise in Pentaho based data analytics and visualization solutions.

Pentaho Implementation

We develop complete Pentaho based Business Intelligence solutions deployable on cloud or on-premise.

Custom Pentaho dashboard

We are experts in developing visually appealing custom dashboards and reports.

Pentaho Integration Services

We can integrate Pentaho with any third party software, data source and web service.

Data Warehouse Development

We provide custom solutions to integrate data from multiple sources into a single system.

Business Intelligence For Microsoft Databases

SQL Server Reporting Solutions

We have been working with Microsoft SQL server databases since our inception. We are experts in designing, developing, and implementing powerful Analytics and Reporting Solutions using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Tools and Services.

Online Analytics and Processing

We are experts in developing real-time online analytics and data processing solutions.

Report and Report Delivery Solutions

We deliver strong time-based, event-based, or ad-hoc report generation and delivery solutions.

Data Visualization and Dashboard

We offer visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards and data visualization solutions for MS SQL data.

Data on Mobile

We create custom mobile apps or mobile-compatible web apps for accessing or updating critical analytic reports.

SQL Server Reporting Solutions
Actionalble Business Insights

Qlikview And Qliksense Solution

Rapidly deployable, highly customizable, scalable, and extendable, Qlikview and Qliksense based business intelligence solutions are dependable companions in helping business decisions. We here at Algoworks are experts in the solution and can help you transform the product into another employee instead of an investment.

Qlikview Development Service

We develop complete custom business intelligence solutions using Qlikview.

Qlikview Consulting

We help organizations make more out of their data and Qlik solutions.

Qlikview And Qliksense Solution
Qlikview Web Solutions

We offer stunning web based data visualization and on-demand analysis solutions using Qlikview and Qliksense.

Qlikview App Development

We extend the functionality of your Qlik solutions through custom Qlik Apps.


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Tableau Business Intelligence Solutions
Data Backed Decisions

Tableau BI Solutions

At Algoworks, we help organizations design and develop bespoke Tableau business intelligence solutions that provide them with actionable insights and help in creating an invaluable productive resource instead of just a fancy data viewing tool.

Tableau Server and Desktop

We help in performing collaborative decision making through custom Tableau Server based solutions.

ETL Data Integration Service

We integrate multiple data source into one real-time data exchange solution.

BI Infrastructure Consulting

We are expert business intelligence consultants and can help you get a better ROI.

Design And Visualization Services

We help organizations in visualizing their data using Tableau based solutions.


An exceptionally flexible storage platform, Hadoop is a reliable framework that doesn’t require any format or structure which makes it cost effective. Our expert team works devotedly and delivers the best Hadoop services.
Cassandra Consulting and Support

Hadoop Implementation:

We can help you form, develop and set up Hadoop based BI solutions, guiding you through the entire process.

Hadoop Integration:

We can develop Hadoop based solutions that can be combined with enterprise applications like Liferay, Alfresco, CRM, Marketing Automation, etc.

Hadoop Data Warehousing:

We can help you determine accurate and relevant insights, and integrate the data from various sources.


From the power of flexibility to the art of ease and efficiency, Informatica is a secure and reliable tool. We can integrate data lakes to draw and deliver transformative insights for your business.

Informatica Consulting and Implementation:

Our experts can implement Informatica enterprise data integration and data management solutions for organizations to access reliable information assets.

Data Migration:

Our architects use good mixture of technology, methodology and services catering to the team’s data migration needs in the most economical way.

Data Transformation:

To make business partner data accessible, our team of experts work to boost performance in data transformation, allowing extreme flexibility.


Apache Cassandra is a type of NoSQL database that is known for its scalability and high-performance. We can harness the power of Cassandra for you to handle big data workloads across multiple nodes with zero point of failure.
Hadoop Services

Cassandra Consulting:

Our team of experienced professionals offers best Cassandra consulting services to help our clients investigate, design, deploy and evaluate their solutions.

Enterprise Support:

Our experts can work on your use case in various domains like Marketing, Education, Finance, Advertising, Social, Health, etc. Our devoted on-call experts offer Apache Cassandra support services 24/7.

Database Migration:

Our team of skilled developers can help in database moving to open source Apache Cassandra with zero downtime.

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