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Windows Azure which is a public cloud ecosystem comprises of cloud
services that includes infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform
as a service (PaaS) & software as a service (SaaS).
Windows Azure

Distinctive Features of Windows Azure

Windows Azure Management Portal
Quick Website Launch

The Windows Azure Management Portal allows you to make web application within few minutes.

Windows Azure Virtual Machines
Windows AzureVirtual Machines

It allows users to launch a Windows Server or a Linux OS while using the cloud.

Windows Azure Scaling on-demand resources
Scaling on-demandresources

Windows Azure allows you to scale on demand resources in order to grow along with your business.

microsoft azure paas
Many languageoptions in store

Azure allows you to develop applications using variety of languages like ASP, ASP .net, PHP, Python, or Node.js.

Microsoft BI tools
Use of FamiliarMicrosoft Tools

Azure incorporates within Microsoft BI tools like HDInsight, Power View and PowerPivot.

Windows Azure

Various prominent services available
from Windows Azure are :
Windows Azure Cloud Services
Windows Azure’ web server

Pallette of Service Offerings

  • We take care of migration from existing enterprise solutions to Microsoft Azure.
  • Building highly scalable cloud service applications and APIs.
  • We help in building and hosting web sites in Azure’s web server infrastructure.
  • Algoworks team of professionals takes care of implementing and managing the applications in Windows Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Proven delivery methods at very much competitive rates.
  • Complete confidentiality of client’s information.
  • Certified professionals who ensures high level of customer satisfaction.

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Reasons Why To Have Windows Azure

Certified Blockchain Professionals
Familiarity of Windows
Cost-Effective Blockchain-Powered Applications
Cost benefits and pricing model
Blockchain Development Services to Improve Customer Satisfaction
Scalability and flexibility
DevOps Increases System Security
Data hub in cloud