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Hadoop Implementation

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  • Scalable Storage:

    Hadoop is an extremely flexible storage (horizontal scalability) platform which stores huge volume of data across computing nodes operating in parallel.

  • Cost Effective:

    It doesn’t require any format or structure, hence providing a cost-effective storage solution.

  • Reliable:

    The data is replicated in the cluster and is securely stored on the cluster of the machine even in case of machine failures. Despite of machine failure data is restored.

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Hadoop based BI solutions

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Algoworks has been a trendsetter in the domain of Business Intelligence. We have an exceptional team who works dedicatedly on Hadoop implementation.

BI is an all-in-one package with proven abilities in content and document management across various industries.

Hadoop Implementation: Design, develop and deploy Hadoop based BI solutions meeting your expectations.
Hadoop Data Warehousing: Access and integrate relatable data from myriad sources for deriving valuable and accurate insights.
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Why Hadoop?

Companies delay and tend to miss data opportunities because of improper data constraints of organizations as well as when they are unable to choose the apt distribution, while others lack to mature their big data delivery. So adopt Hadoop, as:

Hadoop Adopters never leaves opportunity.
Enhances the ability to choose the smartest distribution.
A modernized environment with hybrid architectures.
Adopt Data lake strategy based on Hadoop.