Salesforce AppExchange Development

Salesforce AppExchange® is a leading online cloud marketplace for Salesforce components, applications, and consulting services. With more than 5.6 million application installations and 3,400 hosted applications, this platform runs on the platform. The applications published on use several declarative tools, backed by Apex & Lightning (Java-like programming language for and Lightning & Visualforce (an XML-included framework to generate HTML).

The two main Salesforce AppExchange products are:

Managed: Salesforce AppExchange Partner builds and maintains the Managed Products. They distribute the developed fully-upgradable applications among their customers.

Un-managed: Developers working on Salesforce AppExchange development use Unmanaged Packages as templates to distribute open-source applications and projects. These packages can build blocks and additional functionalities on the top of the application tier. Developers can also make changes based on unique customer requirements. The distributed packages can’t be upgraded later.

Why AppExchange® App Development?

Here are the main reasons why your company needs Salesforce AppExchange Development and a trusted Salesforce AppExchange partner.

150K Users

Salesforce® has 150K+ enterprise-level dedicated app users.

Competitive Advantage

Extend your services and product offerings to gain a competitive edge.

Custom Features

Add custom features to all Salesforce® instances easily.

App Monetization

Paid apps on AppExchange® helps you earn revenue.

Salesforce Appexchange App Development Services in USA, Canada & India

Why Algoworks?

We are Salesforce Development company and a trusted Salesforce AppExchange® Partner

Algoworks professionals have been creating applications since inception. We have designed and developed multiple custom apps for enterprises with custom features to match their different SFDC instances. Being a Salesforce AppExchange Partner, we aim to help enterprises to offer Salesforce Apps to users by building powerful paid apps for Independent Vendors.

With years of experience, we have perfected Salesforce Lightning™. We are experts in building Lightning-ready Different Salesforce AppExchange® apps.

AppExchange® Compliance Experts

Get your apps approved on Salesforce AppExchange® with our premium services.

Salesforce® AppExchange Partners

Proud Salesforce AppExchange Partner with certification.

Salesforce AppExchange Partner for AppExchange App Development

We are a Salesforce AppExchange Partner, and available on AppExchange!

Salesforce Cloud Platform is currently the number one CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Its diverse cloud-based applications can be used for marketing, sales, and more. These apps don’t require to be managed by IT admins— You can directly log in to start connecting to your customers. The leading online cloud marketplace of Salesforce AppExchange combines its certified partners to empower enterprises in a single platform. Here enterprises can sell, market, and engage with customers in unique ways. With 5 million plus user installs, 4,000 plus solutions, and 70,000 plus peer reviews, Salesforce AppExchange is the most comprehensive cloud platform, leveraging mobile, IoT, analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Makers can get a competitive edge through Salesforce AppExchange® app development.
We’re Salesforce AppExchange Development Experts and We can Tell you HOW!


Our Core Services

Being a Salesforce® AppExchange Partner, we offer you complete end-to-end Salesforce App Implementation and customization services.
Here is the list of our primary Salesforce AppExchange® services.

App Consultancy

Organizations can develop and implement their Salesforce AppExchange® roadmap with our consultancy.

Salesforce® AppExchange App Development

We offer complete AppExchange® app design, development, and deployment solutions and services.

AppExchange® Compliance

Make your apps Salesforce AppExchange® compliant. Utilize our expertise in successfully publishing apps on AppExchange®.

Lightning and Salesforce® Mobile

Want to make your existing apps Salesforce® Mobile & Lightning™ compatible? Let our Salesforce professionals guide you through!

How Can we Help you?

Get to know about Salesforce AppExchange® App Development at Algoworks

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Is Your App

Lightning™ Ready?

Lightning™ experience, the latest UI change in Salesforce® has opened possibilities to seamlessly integrate your apps with Salesforce® orgs. Get in touch with the best Salesforce AppExchange Partner!

Lightning™ Ready Apps

We develop seamless Lightning™ Ready Salesforce AppExchange® Apps.

Lightning™ Components

We are experts in

Salesforce AppExchange® app development

using Lightning™ Components and Lightning™ App Builder.

Lightning™ Ready Integration Apps

We offer special services for creating Lightning™ Connect based Lightning™ ready custom integration apps.

Salesforce Appexchange App Development in USA, Canada & India

Is Your App

Salesforce® Mobile Compatible?

Salesforce® Mobile is an enterprise-class platform. It makes all SFDC instances mobile compatible. With its exponentially growing popularity, it’s time to make your app Salesforce mobile compatible!

Salesforce® Mobile Compatible Apps

We develop Salesforce® Mobile Compatible apps that work seamlessly on mobile and desktop.

Salesforce® Mobile Customization

We help organizations customize the Salesforce® Mobile app to match the branding of their company.

Salesforce® Mobile Automation

We automate your Salesforce® Mobile app based business processes using custom built apps.

Our Apps

Check out below a collection of our beneficial Salesforce AppExchange apps.

Salesforce AppExchange Partner| Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner | 10/10 CSAT Ratings | Rated 5/5 on AppExchange

Algoworks Case Management App for Salesforce

Case Management

Algoworks presents Case Management App, a Lightning™ ready 100% native Salesforce application. It has the right features for better Case Management. Users can perform activities such as merging duplicate Cases, splitting one Case into multiple ones, managing Case SLA targets, using an intuitive Case flag system, and many more.

This application has a 5/5 rating with multiple positive reviews from users on Salesforce AppExchange. Download the best case management app now to enjoy the best benefits.

Approval Manager

Approval Manager by Algoworks is a 100% Native Salesforce App. It provides you with a unique interface to maintain data tracking for various fields of standard and customized objects. With the help of this app, you can perform bulk approval tasks, set up approval reminders, and take direct actions through email links.

The app gathers every record at a centralized location so that everyone in the team can access and manage it easily in Salesforce. Try out the consolidated app view – Hit the quick download button below!

Approval Manager on AppExchange
Field Tracker App by Algoworks

Field Tracker App

Field Tracker App is a 100% Salesforce native application. This app allows Salesforce administrators to manage data tracking across different fields using a single interface. With Field Tracker, admins can use both custom and standard objects. It complaints with all your organizational data policies and regulations.

Salesforce administrators can use the app to track down the previous and most updated changes. You can dynamically configure any standard or custom object with the app’s easy-to-use interface. Click on the download button to install the app.

PDF Watermark App

Algoworks PDF Watermark application is a user-friendly PDF document watermarking tool. It enables Salesforce users and businesses to add watermarks to the documents. You can launch the PDF Watermark APp and click on add to include the watermark. You can easily customize, resize, and tailor the watermark image/logo as per your needs.

You can also place the watermark across any section with any angle alignment on the documents’ pages. Explore more application features through the download button!

PDF Watermark on AppExchange
Algoworks Opportunity Manager for Salesforce

Opportunity Manager

Opportunity Manager is a native app by Algoworks. It is exclusively designed to transform the interaction method of Salesforce® users with several Opportunity related workflows. It has a reflexive design that makes the app interface user-friendly with easier process handling opportunities. Opportunity Manager has a unique pipeline view and pagination view to summarize charts. This makes the application truly helpful in managing several opportunities smartly.

With a 4.7/5 overall rating on Salesforce AppExchange®, this application has received multiple positive reviews. You can install Opportunity Manager for free through the link below.

Task Manager

Task Manager is a app. This native app empowers user to never skip a task, and provides the advantage to managers to set deadlines on tasks and segregate them priority-wise. It also allows users to view tables in a single shot.

The Task Manager app enjoys a whopping review of 5 out of 5 on AppExchange, along with some positive reviews from the users.Consult the best Salesforce AppExchange partner today!

Algoworks Task Manager for Salesforce
Phone Location Tracking App by Algoworks

Phone Location Tracking

The Phone Location Tracker app by Algoworks, a reputed Salesforce AppExchange development company, is developed for your Salesforce Organization. It has features to track down any lead/contact’s current location and local timezone based on their contact numbers.

Phone Location Tracker has two primary components – The first is the visual force component to view the contact/lead’s geographical location, local timezone, and verification status. The second component is for Lightning™. You can place it on any web page to search the location of a phone number in the USA and view the city name and state information. You can download the trustable application from the Salesforce AppExchange.

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