Handle Your Cases Better With Algoworks Case Management App For Salesforce

Handle Your Cases Better With Algoworks Case Management App For Salesforce

Are you getting overworked with duplicate cases? Is your customer support team struggling with user dissatisfaction or high service cost? Are you finding it difficult to work with high priority cases? Are there any unrelated issues resulting in workplace inefficiency? Chances are your company is suffering from case mismanagement.
In the CRM dictionary, a ‘case’ can be described as a question, an explanation of assessment, or a complication of a client. Companies build cases to record and resolve customer issues. The problem begins when the collection of unsolved issues keeps growing. Failing to keep up with the unsolved queries and huge piles of disorganized cases can lead to bigger problems like enterprise mismanagement and unsatisfied clients.

We are not here to just discuss the problem, are we? So let’s jump to the solution:

Case Management App

Algoworks developed the Case Management App for Salesforce users who are facing challenges in maintaining the ‘Cases’ on Salesforce®. The app is readily available on Salesforce AppExchange to help companies save their time and increase efficiency. According to Mr. Pratyush Kumar, Co-Founder and Director of Algoworks, “The Case Management App is a really useful and practical app that has lowered the burden of managing Cases for Salesforce users. Our aim is to provide the user with more such apps that lend a helping hand and makes tedious tasks easier.

Let’s talk about the features of the Case Management App:

Case Management App, an AppExchange app, is a 100% native lightning-ready app designed to assist in improving case management. It covers the three most significant areas of case management → Case Flag, Case Merge, and Case Split.

1. Case Flag

Case Flag helps businesses to identify the priority of the cases and concentrate on the high priority cases first. You can manage your case service level agreements through the customizable case flagging functionality of Case Management App. You can also configure the flag stages and identify SLA levels with Flag colors. Case flag helps you to provide timely response to your customers and avoid SLA violations. No case will be neglected if you are going with Case Flag.

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2. Case Merge

Case Merge helps you to remove redundancy by merging duplicate cases. It makes the cases clean and more manageable. Think about an example where you have many copies of a single case. That way, many of your employees can be working on the same case without knowing it, hence, wasting time and resources. Case Merge can automatically clone and compare associated child objects (such as emails, attachments, etc.) of all merged cases with the master case. It will assist you to get rid of duplicate cases and maintain a more organized CRM system.

3. Case Split

Large, complex and unmanageable issues can be solved easily with the help of Case Split. When a case contains multiple complex issues, it is the best solution to split that case into small cases and target the problems separately. Case Management App allows the user to choose which data has to be copied to a different case and which child object should be cloned or shifted to new cases. This way, a difficult issue can be divided into small cases and be solved by the one-issue-per-case method.

The Case Management App can improve your customer relationship by solving a lot of case-related issues. It is the third Salesforce app on Salesforce AppExchange by Algoworks. This exceptional app is meant to make case management remarkably easy for Salesforce users.

Don’t waste your time and resources by clearing the messy stack of mismanaged cases. Download our Case Management App now!

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AlgoworksHandle Your Cases Better With Algoworks Case Management App For Salesforce