Serverless Computing Benefits

Key advantages of Serverless Computing

Lower costs

Serverless computing is cost-effective as compared to traditional cloud providers.

Simplified scalability

Serverless architecture simplifies scaling the code.

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Simplified backend code

FaaS allows creating simple functions that independently perform a single purpose.

Quicker turnaround

Serverless architecture can significantly cut time to market.

Serverless Computing Components

Although these components share a few similarities, here are the 2 major components of Serverless Computing:

Backend-as-a-service (BaaS):

BaaS is a service model where a cloud provider offers backend services such as data storage so that developers can focus on writing front-end code.

Function as a Service (FaaS):

FaaS is the layer that executes specific business logic with the cloud provider providing the level of abstraction in terms of executing the business logic.

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