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Formstack & Algoworks: Partner Interview Series!

Zak Pines, VP of Partnerships, at Formstack recently sat down with Ravi Jain, our Director & Global Head of Salesforce and Analytics, as part of our ongoing Partner Interview Series. Zak and Ravi had a far-ranging conversation that touched on the Algoworks story; how Salesforce helps improve business processes; and working with Formstack for forms, document automation, and eSignature for Salesforce. Take a look at some of the amazing questions and answers here.

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What is


Formstack is a data management solution, an online form-builder that allows businesses to be more agile, reliable, and scalable. It helps users to gather information through different types of online forms, surveys, registrations, job applications, and payment forms. Products and services provided by Formstack help professionals to gather and manage data proficiently.

Formstack offers a native Salesforce app for building forms. Without the need of any connector, the app lets you build seamless Salesforce forms and surveys in minutes. The forms can be published directly on the Force.com platform and can be connected to other Salesforce systems as well.

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Formstack Salesforce App Features

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Cloud Based Tool

The Salesforce form builder is entirely native. This means that there is no need for connectors, additional setup, or integrations.

Document Automation

The data can be connected to any custom or standard Salesforce object, including accounts, leads, cases, and contacts.

data routing

The dynamic pre-fill feature that automatically fills the form with data from your Salesforce cases helps in improving the user experience.

Customizable document templates

Powerful security features are also integrated in the Formstack Salesforce App, including HIPAA compliance, CAPTCHA, and encryption.

HTML Document Builder

Salesforce forms can be integrated with Stripe, PayPal, iATS, and Authorize.Net, and process payments seamlessly.

creating a single document

By deploying forms inside your Salesforce Community Cloud, you can collect data from partners, customers, and employees.

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Formstack Salesforce App Partner?

Apart from being a Certified Formstack Salesforce App Partner, we provide custom development, custom programming code, and consulting around Formstack services as well.

We can provide assistance in integrating Formstack with Salesforce and help you with form building, implementation, and data integration.

Our Director & Global Head of Salesforce, Ravi Jain, recently sat down with Zak Pines, VP of Partnerships Formstack for a Partner Interview Series. Here’s an abridged transcript of the chat!

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