Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services

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Seamless Service

Salesforce acquired Demandware and CloudCraze to capitalize on a data-driven world filled with high customer expectations. Salesforce Commerce cloud offers a seamless retail experience across the ever-increasing number of digital and traditional customer engagement channels.

Personalized Experience

It provides an all-in-one ecommerce solution that can help to create unified, intelligent digital commerce experiences — both online and in-store to ensure a smooth, personalised shopping experience for you & your customers.

Predictive Intelligence

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides you with a ‘single source of truth’ across services pertaining to marketing, shopping, order fulfillment, delivery and customer experience – with predictive intelligence, thanks to Einstein integration.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features

A complete package that provides seamless e-commerce experience!

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The Salesforce Commerce Cloud houses a plethora of features. One of them is that it makes social media integration very easy. You can simultaneously handle all your social media accounts and huge volumes of content, and access it in real-time.
You can manage your product-related aspects such as customer needs, revenue, marketing trends, etc., can receive AI-based product recommendations.
The Cloud provides you with the access to your competition and target market and gives a better idea about the distribution of sales and pricing to aim for better placing the products and mitigating any loss.