Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services

We have a dedicated and experienced team to cater to all your e-commerce needs with highly personalized salesforce app development services and promise of a long-term engagement to enable your success in the high demand market using Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Algoworks’ Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services

At Algoworks, we offer:

Site Design, Setup & Customization

Unify Products, Pricing & Catalogs

Launch Campaigns and Promotions

Optimized Product Searches

Personalized Recommendations

Multiple Languages, Geographies & Brands


Seamless Service

Salesforce acquired Demandware and CloudCraze to capitalize on a data-driven world filled with high customer expectations. Salesforce Consulting Company facilitates a seamless retail experience across the ever-increasing number of digital and traditional customer engagement channels.

Personalized Experience

It provides an all-in-one ecommerce solution that can help to create unified, intelligent digital commerce experiences — both online and in-store to ensure a smooth, personalised shopping experience for you & your customers.

Predictive Intelligence

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides you with a ‘single source of truth’ across services pertaining to marketing, shopping, order fulfillment, delivery and customer experience – with predictive intelligence, thanks to Einstein integration.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features

A complete package that provides seamless e-commerce experience!

salesforce commerce cloud
Social media integration – Handle all your social media handles simultaneously.
Content management – Manage huge volumes of content and access it in real-time.
Product management – Manages your product-related aspects such as customer needs, revenue, marketing trends, etc.
Artificial Intelligence-based product recommendations – Provides great help to Consumer Goods and eCommerce business, both, so they can sense the product better and express the material quality better, respectively.
Targeted promotion management – Provides access to your competition and target market.
One-touch payment options – Saves time and effort with single-click payment gateway.
Pricing management – Provides a better idea about the distribution of sales and pricing of products, to aim for better placing the products and mitigating any loss.