Why Should you Migrate your e-Commerce Business to Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Why Should you Migrate your e-Commerce Business to Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Do you know about the first-ever e-Commerce transaction? In 1994, the first item sold securely over the internet was a CD copy of “Ten Summoner’s Tales” by Sting worth $12.48. Just think about how far we have come over the course of the last two decades where every product company has embraced e-commerce as a significant channel. Every day, customers get numerous push notifications on their smartphones from e-commerce giants, providing an innovative, personalized, digital experience.

With 87% of customer journeys starting from digital channels, it seems everyone wants to enjoy a seamless, connected shopping experience; which has brought 82% of the business buyers to desire a similar experience for B2B e-commerce as well. When the online business is one of your dominant resources of income, then each website visit matters. And to manage those visits, a right hosting set-up is a fundamental need, so you can access your data easily, effectively, and more rapidly. That’s why the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is making its place successfully in the world of the e-Commerce business.

How Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help you with your online business

The Commerce Cloud is a SaaS (software as a service), which was started by Salesforce to simplify the process of sales and optimize e-commerce experience. It has been furnished with a large number of features so that the business can maintain a better connection with their customers and even with the wholesale purchaser.

Some of the features Salesforce Commerce Cloud are as follows:

  • Social media integration– It helps you to handle all your social media handles at the same time.
  • Content management– You can manage any volume of content and access it in real-time.
  • Product management– It manages your product-related aspects such as customer needs, revenue, marketing trends, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence-based product recommendations– Help Consumer and eCommerce business both, so they can sense the product better and express the material quality better, respectively.
  • Targeted promotion management- It helps you to access your competition and target the market.
  • One-touch payment options– It saves time and efforts with one click to pay.
  • Pricing management– Provide a better idea about the sales and pricing of products, so one can get suitable pricing to aim for their products without any loss.

The pay-for-what-you-use model of Commerce Cloud has the potential to save your money. While the solutions provided to e-Commerce with the help of SaaS (software-as-a-service) software are benefiting many small firms and businesses, big companies, and organizations.

Some of the benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are as follows:

No need to set up the entire system

Since the software is hosted on a central server, there is no need to set up the entire system and host it yourself.


The software comes with a subscription-based model, which helps in cost-cutting. In simple words, you need to pay as per your business requirements only. In case, your business requirements change, you can simply ask the SaaS provider to scale the system up. And hence, you pay only for what you get.

Flexibility and Scalability

The first thing to be covered and one of the biggest benefits of cloud hosting is- elasticity. This makes it perfect for e-Commerce. The flexible nature of the cloud allows businesses to quickly scale up their resources in response to high or unexpected levels of traffic. The scalable nature of the platform allows it to cope with the huge demand or traffic spikes without needing user intervention.


The increasing security of cloud hosting, in general, is another reason that businesses should consider moving their eCommerce operations into the Cloud. An increasing number of industry experts are now rating the security of Cloud data as good as with the security of locally hosted; as technology improves this opinion is going to become more and more prevalent.

The mentioned benefits are just a few reasons to use Commerce Cloud, as there are certainly many more.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be an extremely viable option for someone who’s looking to get a proficient decision with their e-commerce business. The cloud-based architecture can do wonders for all businesses B2B as well as B2C with the right help from the top eCommerce companies in the US.

If you want to migrate your e-commerce business to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, contact us today!

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Pratyush KumarWhy Should you Migrate your e-Commerce Business to Salesforce Commerce Cloud?