Algoworks Wins ComHQ Award for Top App Development Company 2020

Algoworks Wins ComHQ Award for Top App Development Company 2020

For clients, it is not about finding the right software outsourcing vendor, rather a trusted product development partner who can build commercial-grade, enterprise-strength software, and help them succeed. And that is exactly what we help our clients with”, Ajeet Singh, Director & Founder, Algoworks.


Very soon, every activity, task, performance, and entertainment we know will have a mobile app to boot. We know that the number of mobile users multiplies every single day, and with this, mobile app users too. Today mobile app development companies work with the most revolutionary and edgy technologies to give individuals and businesses unique apps. They leverage emerging technologies like AI/ML, rendering apps with advanced UI/UX, IoT, blockchain and so much more. Algoworks has been one of the indomitable frontrunners in digitizing businesses with its transformative mobile app development services.

Algoworks is the Winner of ComHQ’s Editor’s Choice Award for Top Mobile Development Company of 2020!

ComHQ Editor’s Choice Awards are presented to services and products that belong to the highest echelons of the industry. The winning criteria comprise the company’s prolific work portfolio, impressive clientele, their global presence, and the soaring user reviews and ratings they have garnered at ComHQ.
Algoworks stood out as a clear global champion, scoring triumphantly high on ComHQ user ratings and reviews platforms, collated from millions of business buyers who vouch for its services.

An Overview of Alogoworks:

Algoworks is a global technology authority in providing end to end product development services. They predominantly use the agile delivery process, to create exceptional software products.
Their ‘consultative-driven approach’ to projects, that uses the most advanced and progressive technology and communication tools, places them right at the top of the best service providers list for robust mobile solutions and SaaS technologies like Salesforce.

Experience & Expertise:

They have been helping businesses around the world ease into a modernistic, digital setting for 13 years now. They have offices in Sunnyvale, California, and Noida, India, and boast of a 99% customer retention rate. US, UK, Europe, East Asia, South America, and the Middle-East; they have covered a lot of ground, not just in terms of geography but expertise, and best industry practices too.
Their key IT offerings comprise of enterprise mobile app development services, enterprise content management solutions (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), and software product engineering (SPE). Algoworks also offers DevOps consulting services, Enterprise Application Integration, and UI/UX Designing services.

Technology Stack:

They have one of the largest and dynamically growing technology stacks. They have embraced emerging tech to underline their development process. Angular, React, DevOps, AI, Blockchain, AR and VR, Cognitive Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, etc. are a but a few checked off the list. They have set some envious standards in iOS, Android, HTML5, React Native, Apache Cordova, and Xamarin app development.
They have established the highest benchmarks in delivering Java/J2EE, .Net, PHP, Mean Stack, Ruby on Rails, and Scale application development services worldwide.

User Experience:

Algoworks cracked the UX code early on, making it an inseparable aspect of the different stages of their product creation process. They swear by and apply a fortified UX strategy that is imbued with a user-centric approach, and in accordance with business objectives. Comprehensive user research and actionable insights act as the impetus to creating some truly brilliant experiences.
Algoworks specializes in building interactive wireframes and prototypes that are used both for brainstorming with clients and testing products. They go all out to provide users with some truly remarkable experiences. There is a continuum of improvement, measuring the product performance, even post-launch to ensure the original UX vision meets reality.

Client & Internal Team Communication:

Project managers and team leads interlace projects between the clients and the assigned teams. The initiation into the project includes an introductory meeting and discussion between the entire team and the clients. There is a planned focus on setting out chartered objectives of the project at the very commencement. Algoworks takes up a very collaborative partnership with its clients. They swiftly move from phase to phase with daily discussions and updates with clients. This provides ample scope for complete transparency absolutes understanding of the ins and outs of the project. Client communication is one of Algoworks’ strongest suits. They also assign Project Managers and Sales Personnel who represent clients and handle escalations.
In order to stay in tune with requirements, and facilitate seamless interaction within the team and with clients, Algoworks uses communication tools like Gmail, Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom.

Project On-boarding:

Algoworks’ onboarding process is pretty simple and methodical. The sales reps conduct opening discussions to gather an overview of the project being undertaken. The same is recorded and shared with the project managers. The communication then is helmed by the project managers, who gather requirements and other details from the client in depth before the project commences.
Once these preliminary stages are completed, the project manager allocates roles and resources within the team, creating phases and timeline of the project. The project managers and team leads then arrange the kick-off meeting with a team of developers, designers, and QAs.

Awards and Accreditations:

Algoworks is an ISO 9001 Certified company. They are also recipients of numerous prestigious titles, awards, and recognitions that include WebAwards, ETNow, Deloitte Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500, Silicon review, Clutch, GoodFirms, Manifest, and many more.

Recent Noteworthy Projects:

The company has created mobile app marvels and their ongoing projects promise cutting edge technology, novel ideation, and unique user experiences. Their custom apps span industries and a huge array of functionalities. From travel to beauty services, from eCommerce to hyperlocal chatting, Algoworks has expertly catered to diverse industries. They have deftly juggled popular chat-room creations with an almost esoteric space with a dream sharing app. Just skimming through the range of their work, makes you realize, there is barely any technology or territory they haven’t already charted.
The two most noteworthy projects they are currently working on are a voice assistant for doctors based on AI, and software to assist kids in strengthening their foundational learning basics.

ComHQ Editor’s Choice Awards League:

ComHQ is a software and business services discovery, ratings, and review platform. With thousands of business buyers tapping into its resources, ComHQ is committed to bringing the best vendors and service providers to them. The Editor’s Choice Awards is an unbiased and rigorous selection process. The awards recognize best efforts, performance, services, ROI, and then choose top contenders for their users.
The buyers that flock the platform are C-level executives and decision-makers. The selection criteria adhere to very strict norms set by the platform. ComHQ’s predefined quality metrics are based on a brand’s work portfolio, key clientele, global presence, user reviews, and ratings on various other platforms, range and adoption of emerging tech, and their tech stack. It is about choosing the most excellent to deliver excellence.

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Algoworks comes among the top IT service providers worldwide. We adopt a unique product development and agile delivery approach to offer robust and user-friendly software products in the shortest time to market. Our key IT services include Salesforce, Mobility, DevOps, and Enterprise Application Integration. With a great combination of our creative, visionary, and innovative minds, we are recognized as a reliable partner of different sizes and types of companies all around the world, such as Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, and Microsoft. With the expertise of top Salesforce Certified Consultants, we have successfully delivered enormous Salesforce Projects till now.

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