Databricks’ New Power Play: AI-Driven Visualization Tool AI/BI Set To Beat Salesforce & Microsoft

Databricks’ New Power Play: AI-Driven Visualization Tool AI/BI Set To Beat Salesforce & Microsoft

June 12, 2024 – Databricks launches AI/BI, the AI-first visualization tool for performing intelligent analytics using real-world data native to your data platform. This AI Graphics tool is more than just a visualization platform. It’s redefining the standards for how businesses interact with their data.

Imagine having a data visualization platform that can understand your unique business data, converse with it, and deliver instant insights in real time. Does this sound unrealistic? It is now a reality!

Mr. Ali Ghodsi, the company’s CEO, mentioned in his Wednesday statement that no other business intelligence platform can match the capabilities that AI/BI promises to bring to the platter—the technology that blends Generative AI with Data Visualization. The new tool comes with advanced self-learning capabilities to train itself.

Ghodsi added that the AI/BI tool is being trained and monitored by the team from MosaicML, acquired by Databricks last year, which specializes in developing large language models. Plus, it will be included free for customers to try and use!

So, if you have been using Salesforce Tableau or Microsoft Power BI so far, be rest assured that this tool is about to outshine them all.

How Does Databricks AI/BI Aim To Fill The Gaps In Business Intelligence?

Traditional BI tools have helped businesses turn data into actionable insights for decades. However, they come with limitations that often leave users frustrated. For example, Salesforce Tableau or Microsoft BI depends on pre-built dashboards that get outdated with time.

The promise of incorporating AI graphics into BI tools has been around for a while, but the reality has often fallen short. Tools like Microsoft BI or Salesforce Tableau struggle with handling real-world data complexities, messy data, and ambiguous language.

This is where Databricks AI-Driven Visualization Tool steps in. AI/BI is designed to democratize data insights for your organization. Now, let’s try out the new AI-driven BI tool and envision the future of intelligent analytics.

What’s All the Excitement About? Breaking Down The AI/BI Tool & Core Features

Databricks’ latest offering combines the power of artificial intelligence graphics with business intelligence (BI) to create eye-catching and incredibly insightful visualizations. AI/BI can independently analyze complex data through natural language queries by capturing signals from your unique data and business concepts. Plus, it will continuously learn and improve its capabilities so that you get accurate answers to your questions!

So, what exactly does this new tool bring to the table? Here are some of the standout features!

AI/BI Dashboards To Simplify Data Visualization

The AI graphics tool’s dashboards offer a low-code experience so data analysts can create highly interactive visualizations using natural language. These dashboards come with standard BI capabilities such as sleek charts, cross-filtering, and periodic snapshots via email. As part of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, dashboards work natively with your data, eliminating the need for additional connections or data extractions.

Use Genie To Converse with Your Data

Genie, the digital assistant, is ready to answer every question that a dashboard can’t. It uses NLP technology to understand your queries and give real-time answers. Its Generative AI capabilities can quickly adapt to your organization’s unique terminologies. Genie continuously improves through user feedback and understands the context and nuances of your data to offer you the most human-like conversational experience.

Unified Governance And Lineage Controls

AI/BI’s tight integration with the Data Intelligence Platform means that it benefits from the same governance and security features. With Unity Catalog integration, you can perform access controls and maintain data lineage efficiently. Also, you can keep a complete audit trail from source data to final insights with clear transparency and accountability.

Easy Platform Integration

AI/BI integrates seamlessly with existing data platform infrastructure so that you can leverage your existing data workflows and governance policies. It comes with a Unity Catalog to manage data access and governance. Besides that, you can use SQL DB and run high-performance queries with fine-grained access controls.

Availability and Cost Structure Of The New Visualization Tool

Databricks is the world’s sixth most valuable private firm, valued at US$43 billion. Its revenue increased by over 50% in the last fiscal year to US$1.6 billion. As one of the most reputed data analytics and AI solutions providers, the company aims for its AI Graphics tool to compete with the current most in-demand visualization platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft.

Unlike Salesforce’s Tableau and Microsoft’s Power BI, the new visualization tool will be available at no extra cost for existing customers. For now, AI/BI is accessible to all Serverless and DB SQL Pro users. The exclusive AI-powered dashboards are accessible through Genie in public preview. It also includes the advanced capabilities of AI/BI tools within its standard offerings. It eliminates the need for external software to create visualizations and reduces licensing costs.

What’s Next for AI/BI? The Future of Business Intelligence

Databricks Artificial Intelligence graphics tool represents the future of data analytics. Combining AI-driven insights with a user-friendly interface empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions faster and more effectively.

As AI/BI evolves, we can expect even more advanced features and capabilities. Future developments may include deeper integration with other AI tools and enhanced data visualization options using more intuitive natural language processing.

So, there you have it. The new AI-driven visualization tool is not just another entry into the BI market; it’s a revolutionary step forward. With its intuitive features and capabilities, it’s set to give Salesforce and Microsoft a run for their money. We are confident that this tool has the potential to transform the way you handle data and drive data insights. Give it a try and see the results yourself!

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