iOS 18 to Ride Generative AI Wave: A Journey into the Future

iOS 18 to Ride Generative AI Wave: A Journey into the Future

Unfortunately, Apple is behind in generative AI, a feature already presents in the Google Pixel 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and within Microsoft 365, Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, and various other platforms. So, for several months, there has been speculation that Apple is on the verge of unveiling a generative AI for its top-tier iPhones. A recent report further credibly supported this notion.

Jeff Pu, an industry analyst mentioned by MacRumors, suggests that the much-discussed “Apple GPT” chatbot may come by the end of 2024. So, Apple’s enthusiasts started implying that the company may bring generative AI With iOS and the iPhone 16.

Before we let our anticipation any solid ground, Pu cautions that deploying Apple’s AI technology requires patience. He notes that Apple is keen on circumventing the privacy issues that have plagued AI applications in the recent past, which may necessitate additional time. As people are interested in generative AI in iOS, so do we. So, let’s discuss the topic in detail in this blog.

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Why Does Apple Need To Participate In Generative AI Bandwagon?

Instantaneous Language Translation

Apps powered by AI facilitate on-the-spot translation. These features transform the way we understand language.

The advent of AI in language translation breaks down linguistic barriers and enhances communication. Instantaneous translation is quite useful for understanding conversations while traveling abroad or aiding professionals in international business environments.

These applications seamlessly convert spoken or written words from one language to another using sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.

Recognizing Emotions

AI algorithms can now analyze a person’s emotions through facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. This is one of the biggest reasons Apple is working on generative AI with iOS 18. For instance, an entertainment app can suggest content that aligns with the user’s feelings.

Developers may choose to deliver a more captivating and personalized experience. Emotion recognition introduces a new layer to app interactions. It further empowers developers to forge experiences that are more engaging, empathetic, and intuitive. This technology enables apps to tailor experiences based on the users’ emotional states.

Automatic Response Features

By employing AI to handle responses, mobile applications can immediately answer customer questions, boosting engagement. This feature is invaluable for customer service applications and online retail platforms. This usefulness works in swift and continuous support for heightened customer satisfaction.

The evolution of chatbots and virtual assistants with artificial intelligence has further enhanced their ability to comprehend and react to user inquiries.

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Deeply Personalized User Experiences

AI’s combination of data analysis and machine learning empowers mobile applications to offer highly personal experiences tailor-made for each user.

These apps fine-tune their content, functionalities, and suggestions based on individual user preferences, habits, and interests. AI allows for developing applications that adapt to specific user needs, from customizing news streams to recommending products or altering app interfaces to each user’s liking.

Enhanced Revenue

Enhanced user satisfaction with an app translates into heightened purchase rates, customer loyalty, and referrals. This is one big reason Apple is updating generative AI with iOS 18. With their superior performance and cutting-edge functionalities, AI applications significantly uplift the user experience. Integrating AI into mobile apps is a way to markedly increase app revenue by offering advanced features and overall improved performance.

Automating Tedious Tasks

AI-empowered applications are adept at handling monotonous duties swiftly. They employ machine learning algorithms to automate these labor-intensive, error-prone tasks, from data entry to scheduling.

These algorithms are proficient in deciphering vast data sets and identifying patterns. AI can carry out tasks with a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency than humans can. This boosts productivity and allows individuals and teams to concentrate on more strategic activities.

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Speculative Changes Due To Generative AI With Apple’s iOS 18


The surge in popularity of ChatGPT is mainly due to its skill in producing text and engaging in discussions that seem natural to the user. Incorporating this text creation feature into the iPhone would simplify tasks for users, such as composing emails, writing stories, or tailoring resumes, all in a style unique to each user.

While the report is sparse regarding how Apple intends to utilize its generative AI in iOS, various analysts have speculated on potential uses. Media outlets are proposing to integrate AI into Siri, enhancing the capabilities of Apple’s digital assistant well beyond its current functionality.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has openly recognized that the corporation has been dedicating efforts to generative AI technology for an extended period. He further stated that the company plans to proceed with caution and in-depth consideration, given its consciousness of the technology’s potentially harmful applications, including concerns related to bias and the generation of false information.

Apple Music

Apple Music may introduce AI-driven playlists as part of its new features, with speculation suggesting they will debut in iOS 18. This addition will enable users to auto-generate playlists that reflect their musical preferences, current mood, and previous listening habits. The artificial intelligence will recommend tracks that align with the user’s preferred genres and styles.

Currently, Apple Music incorporates artificial intelligence (how AI can enhance UI/UX designs) through features like customized recommendations, intelligent mixes, and spatial audio. The introduction of this latest AI capability is set to enrich the streaming platform, providing a more tailored and dynamic user experience.

Spotlight Search

An enhanced generative AI in iOS will impact Spotlight Search, the comprehensive search tool within Apple’s ecosystem. The upgraded AI will offer expanded information and alternatives based on the specifics of the user’s inquiry and geographical details.

This enhancement will empower Spotlight Search to execute more intricate functions using conversational language (how business can benefit from conversational UI), including booking plane tickets, placing food orders, and securing reservations.

Apple Health And Apple Watch

Apple Watch and Apple Health are about to enhance your wellness routine with an AI-driven mentor. By seamlessly integrating into both, this AI mentor will keep track of health and fitness metrics, offering tailored advice and feedback.

Furthermore, it aims to inspire users by establishing objectives, monitoring their journey toward these goals, and keeping them motivated throughout the process. Within the upcoming iOS 18, this advanced AI mentor is set to revolutionize how users interact with Apple’s health technologies.

This AI wellness mentor will set Apple’s offerings apart from competing fitness apps and gadgets by providing a distinctive feature focused on personal health and fitness guidance.

Apple Messages

The Messages application, integral to Apple’s ecosystem, will see the integration of generative AI with iOS 18. It will be capable of responding to inquiries, ranging from weather updates to personal well-being, through comprehensible natural language. Additionally, this AI advancement extends to the assimilation of text messages, distilling them down to their core information and actionable items, thus streamlining communication for the user.

These enhancements will enable the app to complete messages in progress dynamically, drawing from existing conversational context and the user’s input history. With iOS 18, the Messages app is set to receive significant AI upgrades to refine the user experience through more intuitive interaction and communication aids.

This upgrade underscores the increasing role of artificial intelligence in enhancing the utility and interactional quality of Apple’s default messaging application.

Pages, Keynote, And Numbers

In the upcoming generative AI with iOS 18, Apple plans to enhance its suite of office applications — Pages, Keynote, and Numbers — with artificial intelligence capabilities. This integration of AI aims to assist users in generating, summarizing, and refining content.

For instance, the AI is expected to have the capability to craft headlines, captions, bullet lists, and even create charts, all tailored to the user’s data. This intelligent technology will also offer features like condensing lengthy documents, pinpointing crucial information, and recommending modifications.

Incorporating AI into these applications promises to improve their functionality and accessibility, thereby more effectively supporting users in their academic and professional endeavors.

Photo And Video

We have already seen the power of AI-enhanced tools in Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill and Google Pixel’s Magic Eraser. Unfortunately, Apple has not kept pace in this area.

It would be exciting to see Apple integrate generative AI in iOS 18 with the iPhone camera, improving its somewhat basic photo editing features and extending these improvements to video editing. The use of generative AI in video editing is less common than in photo editing, primarily due to the more complex nature of video. Exceptions exist in filters found on TikTok and Capcut, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

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Apple’s development platform, Xcode, which is used to develop iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS applications, stands to gain from the latest artificial intelligence enhancements in iOS 18. The AI streamlines the coding process by generating code snippets that align with the developer’s objectives and contextual needs.

The advanced generative AI in iOS will support developers by offering code autocomplete features and assisting in testing and troubleshooting. It can also conduct application tests, identify discrepancies, and propose corrections.

Incorporating AI capabilities within Xcode is set to simplify the app development workflow, rendering it more efficient and straightforward. This innovation accelerates the creation process and aids developers in delivering superior applications for Apple’s ecosystem.

Apple’s AI Frameworks And Models

Apple has introduced a range of robust AI frameworks and models, some accessible to developers and researchers through iOS 18. Here are the highlights:

Core ML

Apple’s machine learning framework helps developers incorporate machine learning models within their applications.


This framework assists developers in executing image analysis and computer vision operations, including identifying faces, recognizing objects, and scanning barcodes.

Create ML

With this tool, Apple enables developers to build and train tailor-made machine-learning models through Swift programming or a graphical user interface.

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Natural Language

This Apple framework empowers developers to perform natural language processing operations such as categorizing text, analyzing sentiment, and identifying languages.

Sound Analysis

This framework helps developers analyze sounds through tasks like classifying sounds, detecting sound events, and creating sounds.


Apple offers this framework to developers looking to design augmented reality experiences featuring 3D objects, animations, and special effects.

Apple Photo Editor

This model allows for editing photos through textual commands.

ML Compute

Through this framework, Apple allows developers to utilize GPU and CPU powers for training and inference in machine learning.


This extensive language model created by Apple understands and generates natural language, drawing from Ajax, Apple’s unified machine learning framework.


This framework enables developers to build augmented reality applications using the device’s camera and sensors.

Apple Keyframer

This model by Apple produces AI animations from still images and text prompts.

Final Thoughts

The debut of ChatGPT in 2022 captured the attention of all, with reports emphasizing that generative AI technologies will have a profound impact on humanity’s history. It’s often stated, “A foresighted businessman grasps the importance of something before it becomes widely recognized by the masses.”

Generative AI represents a great opportunity. Apple, a billion-dollar corporation, is channeling significant resources into developing cutting-edge generative AI in iOS 18. We can wait for the version to be released to experience the power of Generative AI in Apple products.

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