5 Prominent iOS App Development Languages

5 Prominent iOS App Development Languages

No doubt, Google Play Store is the leader in the mobile app market, however, iOS is the second one, with a whopping 2.25 million apps as per the last data released by Apple.

High popularity, excellent learning potential, security, supreme quality standards, and an established customer base keep enticing businesses looking for experts to help them pick suitable iOS application development languages to learn.

Discover a new world of possibilities with 5 popular iOS App Development languages for 2023.

Apple’s iOS operating system powers its various products, mainly iPhones, iPads, and other devices. There is a wide availability of Prominent languages for iOS app development that we’ll discuss here.

What Is iOS Application Development?

The process of developing software applications for Apple’s iOS operating system, which drives smartphones, iPads, and other Apple devices, is known as iOS application development. Applications that can be installed and downloaded on iOS devices are created by developers using the best iOS app development languages for enterprise.

These apps can range from simple games and utilities to complex business and enterprise applications. The iOS operating system also provides a set of frameworks and APIs that developers can use to create apps, such as UIKit for building user interfaces, Core Location for accessing GPS data, and Game Kit for developing games.

Top languages for iOS app development


HTML5 is a markup language, however, it can be used as an iOS development language in conjunction with other technologies, such as JavaScript and CSS, to create hybrid mobile apps that can run on iOS and other platforms.

HTML5 is a widely-used, open standard that allows for cross-platform development, meaning that apps developed with HTML5 can run on multiple platforms with little modification. Moreover, it is supported by a wide range of web browsers, including Safari on iOS devices, which makes it easy to create apps that can run in a web browser on iOS devices.

Despite some merits of this prominent language for app development, there are some cons to using HTML 5. HTML5 apps may not perform as well as native iOS apps, as they are running in a web browser and may be affected by browser limitations.

HTML5 apps may not be able to access all the features and sensors of the device, such as the camera or microphone, as easily as native iOS apps.

It’s hardly surprising that the mobile app market is booming given that there are more than 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide.


Swift is a new iOS app development language developed by Apple to be more efficient and easy to use than Objective-C. This language is widely used among developers to create efficient, user-friendly, and visually appealing iOS applications. 

It is more readable and less error-prone than Objective-C, making it easier for developers to understand and maintain.

Swift is a relatively new programming language, which means that there may be fewer resources available for developers who are just getting started. Additionally, this iOS application development language for startups does not have the same level of legacy support as other languages. Due to this, Swift doesn’t support older libraries and frameworks.

React Native

This prominent language allows for cross-platform development, meaning that apps developed with React Native can run on both iOS and Android with little modification.

React Native enables developers to utilize the identical codebase both for iOS and Android, cutting costs and development time.

React Native may have a steeper learning curve than other frameworks, as it requires a good understanding of JavaScript making it one of the hard iOS app development languages for startups to learn. Moreover, it may not be able to access all the features and sensors of the device, such as the camera or microphone, as easily as native iOS apps.


Java is a popular programming language useful in developing mobile apps, but it is not natively supported on iOS devices. However, there are third-party frameworks such as RoboVM, which allow Java code to be compiled into native iOS code.

Java – one of the top iOS application development languages is a widely-used, open-standard programming language with a large and active community. Having a large number of libraries, frameworks, and development tools available also make it an ideal iOS app development language along with speeding up the development process.

Java code can be reused across multiple platforms, as developers can compile it to run on different operating systems. Java requires a third-party framework, such as RoboVM, to be able to run on iOS devices, which can add complexity and overhead to the development process.

Java may not provide the same level of performance as native iOS code, as it is running in a virtual machine rather than directly on the device.


Flutter is an open-source, free framework for iOS app development using the Dart programming language. It is gaining popularity as a cross-platform development framework for iOS and Android apps.

Flutter has a quick development cycle with a hot reload capability that allows developers to observe code changes in real time. It comes with a plethora of customizable widgets for the creation of visually appealing and adaptive user interfaces.

It also allows for cross-platform development. So apps developed with Flutter can run on iOS and Android with slight modifications.

As compared to other languages for iOS application development, Flutter has a steeper learning curve than other frameworks. It doesn’t provide the same level of visual appeal as native iOS apps, as it is not explicitly designed for mobile app development.

Remark To Conclude

Going through this blog, you must have understood that finding ideal iOS app development languages takes a lot of work to crack. Understanding the iOS app development: Language trends are directly proportional to the success of your app’s idea.

Therefore, clearly define your needs and expectations and then contact the top iOS app development company as having a programming language is needed to transfer ideas into a successful business model. You require concerted efforts that can receive from experts such as Algoworks.

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