What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud aims at automation of the sales process, assisting both sales managers and representatives.The Sales Cloud features help in creating a well-structured sales process, reducing the learning curve and providing insightful details about the customers and maintaining efficient communication with the customers across multiple channels along the customer journey.
With proper administration and configuration, Sales cloud could help with 38% increase in sales productivity, 28% increase in sales revenue, and 26% increase in the opportunity win rate.


Salesforce Sales Cloud incorporates the following features:

Approval And Workflow Automation – The Cloud allows you to automate endorsements and repetitive workflow assignments. It also offers you worthwhile access in real-time to endorsements (through Chatter feed), product specifications, discounts, and recommendations.

Data that Matters – Sales Cloud assists you in taking necessary action to manage critical circumstances like data leak rather than just acknowledging it after it has occurred. It is highly efficient and connects instantly with planned approaches, game changers, and creates sales and advertising strategies. Also, it pulls out the target files to assist you in planning as per the specific needs while building an advertising campaign.

Chatter – Using this smart tool of connectivity, you can build a fully functional and highly optimized social media platform comprising your team. It provides a secure platform to share details, secure leads, build more resources, give updates about the task status, monitor growth, and keep your collaborators updated on all the discussed points.

Quotes And Opportunities – Get access to instantaneous highlights concerning the changes made in the assignment by our team members. This incorporates quotes, bidding costs, tactical discussion, and competition tactics, amongst many others.

Sales Forecasting – By using the Sales cloud in Salesforce, you can obtain peculiarities such as in-line editing, personalizable projection sections, multi-currency assistance, not to consider real-time admittance to your predictions.

Analytics – It offers insightful data to better understand the situation and make better business decisions. You may even create a group discussion platform to produce ideas or analyse problems on reports generated by your crew to explore mysterious indicators on client support, applications, sales, and third-party information. Build charts, tables, groups, and fields to decide with the help of Analytics tool.

Email Integration and other Marketing Tools – This feature integrates the email apps used regularly without compelling you to replace anything. Talking about marketing tools, you can create advertising campaigns, manage sales, & generate leads. You can also monitor & administer the outcome of the investment made on the campaigns.

Analytics – Sales Cloud allows you to stay connected remotely, generate leads, create & record phone calls, explore a new ocean of opportunities, and get round-the-clock access to your dashboard.

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