What is Flutter?

Google’s Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework that helps developers in building native Android, iOS, and Web apps. The introduction of Flutter 2.0 now supports Desktop apps as well. With Flutter app development, our developers use a single codebase to build cross-platform apps that speed up the development of the app, reduces bugs, and eventually boost ROI.

Why Choose Flutter App Development?

Flutter is a free and open-source platform based on Dart and is used to develop iOS and Android apps. Its architecture is based on reactive programming.

Single Codebase

Only one codebase is required to be written that covers both, Android and iOS development.

Screen Rendering

Flutter development gives a boost to the screen rendering by running the render process on the Dart side.

Quick Customizations

It help teams to create reusable widgets along with the inclusion of various additional features.

Flutter App Development

Key features

Reduced Development Time

Flutter’s hot reload feature allows checking the applied changes instantly and makes Flutter app development quite fast due to the increased speed.

Better Performance than Native

Instead of Native-like performance, Flutter gives way better performance than any of the respective Native platforms like Android, IOS, Web.

Cassandra Support
Own Rendering Engine

Flutter uses Skia for rendering itself. Also, the developers no longer have to adjust UI to transfer it to a platform, simplifying the development process by a great margin.

Beyond Mobile Ability

Flutter goes far beyond just mobile app development. There is also Flutter for Web and Flutter Desktop Embeddings available.

Flutter App Development Services by Algoworks

Here’s why you should choose Algoworks as your next Flutter app developer:

Custom Flutter App Development

Algoworks offers fast, smooth, and convenient cross-platform development solutions using Flutter technology.

API Development & Integration

Our team of expert Flutter app developers can help you with building & deploying REST APIs to meet your product’s specific requirements.

Flutter App Consulting

We can help you decide whether Flutter is the way to go. Our Flutter consultants can help you select the right roadmap and strategy.

Support & Maintenance

Our Flutter app development team offers constant, streamlined technical support to ensure the smooth functioning of your app.

How Can we Help you?

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