What is Golang

Golang is an extensively used, open-source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. It was introduced by Google in 2009. Golang is the perfect fit for developing applications and regarded as ideal for web development.
This programming language is written in C, and the libraries are written in Go itself.

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Algoworks’ Golang Development Services

Being among the top Golang development companies, Algoworks offers an organized end-to-end approach for developing phenomenal applications and streamlining the development of web-based applications.

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Consulting & Strategy
Our dedicated Golang developers can help you make the right choice to overcome complicated business challenges.

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Web App Development
Our Golang development team helps in developing fast, secure, and scalable web applications.

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Cloud App Development
Our expert Golang developers are experts in developing complex cloud applications for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions.

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Microservices Development
Our Golang development team has hands-on knowledge of cloud technologies and architectural patterns like API services, containerization, and server-less Golang.

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Support & Maintenance
Our Golang experts can assist you with the support and maintenance of your existing Golang applications and help you tackle the complex issues without any hassle.

Golang Features

Some of the outstanding Golang features that make it stand out from the rest of the programming languages are as follows:
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Go is easy to learn and makes scaling a team more economical.
It allows quick project launches & offers updates & maintenance.
The Golang language has a good, standard, rich library source.
Go is based on a Concurrency model & offers easy cross-compiling.
Golang has a strict syntax, hence, greater security & code safety.

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Algoworks has an exquisite team of highly dedicated developers with extensive experience. Algoworks has established itself as one of the most reliable Golang development company with instrumental expertise in various technologies associated with it.

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