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A platform like Salesforce offers endless possibilities of transforming businesses. Seeking Salesforce consulting services can help you change the way you use Salesforce and leverage its full potential.

Among the best Salesforce consulting companies in India, Algoworks is a renowned Salesforce silver consulting partner that helps firms with their Salesforce® instance to boost their growth and productivity. We help firms hand-pick Salesforce® products that can elevate their businesses to the next level.

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No matter where you are in your CRM adoption cycle, Algoworks, one of the top Salesforce consulting companies, can upgrade and optimize your customer relationship management. From Salesforce app development to workflows and custom reporting, we can provide you with all the right ideas that your business needs to achieve its full potential and enhance Salesforce effectiveness. Salesforce has innumerable products that come with their own set of attributes and features. From Service Cloud® and Sales Cloud® to Force.com®, Algoworks’ Salesforce certified consultants help businesses make the most out of their available resources and ideas.

Salesforce® Cloud Consultation

Which solution or Cloud suits your business process best is a crucial decision that requires expert tips from the best Salesforce consultants. As a renowned Salesforce consulting company, we offer consulting services for the following types of Salesforce Clouds and solutions:

  1. Sales Cloud – Customizable CRM and sales cycle management solution for sales teams to be active and productive
  2. Einstein Analytics – Harness the power of your data and get access to visual insights by harnessing the power of your data that help in smart decision-making
  3. Marketing Cloud – A revolutionized way to reach customers through Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions
  4. Service Cloud – Customized customer support and service solutions using Salesforce Service Cloud
  5. Force.com Development – Custom developed solutions to manage the business process better
  6. Salesforce Community – A way to connect with customers, partners, and employees with a single solution
  7. Integration Platforms – A way to connect all applications with Salesforce to have all your data tracked and controlled from one place
  8. Salesforce Mobile – Salesforce Mobile App to have all the info on the move
  9. AppExchange – Visibility that your business needs by having your brand name on top business apps website
  10. Financial Services Cloud – A better way for financial services companies to track clients’ portfolios and advise them on the next steps with multiple scenarios based outcomes
  11. Higher Education Cloud – A way to connect with students and educators and stay on top of the campaigns and its outcomes
  12. Non-profit Cloud – A way to connect with the donors and manage the campaigns in the most optimized way

Our proven expertise in Sales Cloud implementation will transform the way you interact with your customers. From growing new accounts, discovering new leads, and closing them quickly, we help drive productivity by creating a solution that is tailored to your specific business requirements.

Salesforce consulting services

At each step of the process,

We can help in choosing the right CRM

As a Salesforce consulting company, Algoworks provides expert consultation to help businesses discover why and how Salesforce is a suitable choice of customer relationship management.

We provide consultation for Salesforce implementation

Algoworks helps businesses in strategizing how to implement Salesforce and Salesforce products successfully into their business processes. We aid with the fair selection of Salesforce products, services, and tools that complement the nature of our customers’ business needs.

We provide consultation for Salesforce customization

If a business is already using Salesforce as their CRM, we help them in making the most out of it by providing consultation around Salesforce customization. Salesforce consultants at Algoworks hold expertise in the area of Salesforce custom fields, workflows, objects, and data management procedures. We offer personalized and entirely customizable Salesforce consulting services that fit all kinds of business requirements.

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Dedicated Salesforce® Integration Services

with our renowned Salesforce consulting services like Cloud-based real-time integration, API development, or custom integration, we advise on most efficient integration tools and best methods of Salesforce® integration.

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Get consultancy on API development/custom integration app

Get expert advice on Cloud-based real-time integration

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We are best known for offering services around custom Salesforce based apps. Be it Salesforce AppExchange® apps, Force.com custom apps, or Salesforce1™ apps, we have got you covered.

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