Salesforce Launches Vaccine Cloud, Replaces for Vaccines

Salesforce Launches Vaccine Cloud, Replaces for Vaccines

Salesforce is launching Vaccine Cloud, a set of tools to enable government and healthcare organizations to manage and deploy COVID-19 vaccination programs.

Vaccine management has become a hot category in enterprise software as companies and agencies try to bring people back to the office and jump-start economies. So far, vaccine rollouts have been hampered by everything from supply to outdated processes and systems and data management problems. Vendors have been rushing to vaccine management as a category. For instance, Blue Prism and Tibco’s Information Builders said they will partner to automate vaccine processes and surface supply chain, public health, inventory, and distribution data via dashboards.

Salesforce, which is competing with ServiceNow, Workday, and Microsoft, said more than 35 international and government agencies and thousands of healthcare providers are using the company to manage vaccine delivery using its Customer 360 platform.

Vaccine Cloud will replace for Vaccines, which was aimed at public sector customers. Vaccine Cloud is a configuration of core Salesforce apps (Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Digital Engagement), Platform (Lightning Platform), Tableau & Mulesoft for governments and businesses.

Vaccine Cloud includes the following:

  • 1. Monitoring tools with data and insights on vaccine inventory, patient outcomes, health status, and local demographics.
  • 2. Integration powered by Salesforce’s MuleSoft to connect data silos.
  • 3. Training, education, payment, and reimbursement modules as well as communication platforms to notify patients and communities about vaccine appointments and scheduling.
  • 4. Simplified registration and appointment scheduling with personalized follow-ups and reminders.

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