Accelerated Transformation of Sales with Salesforce AI Tools: The Power of Personalization

Accelerated Transformation of Sales with Salesforce AI Tools: The Power of Personalization

In this era of technological innovation, customers expect personalized engagements and recommendations from sales executives. The flourishing role of sales in the customer experience index is no more a secret.
AI prediction builders and recommender systems make it valuable to invest time and to explore products. The use of AI tools in decision-making helps sales teams tailor their strategies for each customer’s intent and make their buying experience enriching.
Today, calling it AI prediction is questioning the potential, so we call it a calculation, as it is much more truthful than ever before.

Quick Insights on how AI changed sales outlook:

  • Appeal to the right customer, improve prospectively and lead qualifying.
  • Boost sales value content with enhanced content management.
  • Amplify salesforce with optimized onboarding training.
  • Automate secondary tasks and clear the focus on selling.

Tools to make the best use of AI in Salesforce:

1) Sales Strategies to Personalization

To know the perfect time to reach out to the prospect and the importance of value, should be a core part of sales strategies.
With the help of customer data, which is majorly unstructured data such as social media posts, emails, sales meeting minutes, you can point out customer’s emotions.
When these are combined, all factors such as annual revenue, competitor, territory are easy to solve.
Tools recommended: Einstein Account Insights and Einstein Opportunity Insights

2) Better Lead Prioritization

To predict leads and modify your lead generation tactics, it’s important to understand customer behavior and need hierarchy. That’s exactly how Salesforce algorithms work in the field of AI, enabling the lead scoring models which are based on:

  • Behavior analysis – It helps to know which customer is interested in your pages. Also, it analyzes if your product page attracts more or the homepage.
  • Information of company – Annual revenue, recent mergers, leads, and all other factors play an equal role in the case of B2B enterprise.
  • Engagement – How frequently your leads or customers showing attraction to your products, is known as engagement. For example, if any visitor is subscribing to your newsletter, then it means it’s engaging with your product or service in the most possible way.

3) Better Insights with Automation

Salesforce CRM software is perhaps the best tool to collect structured data but when it comes to unstructured data in the organization, such as social media data, emails, calendar events, and minutes of meetings, it often fails to capture them efficiently.
As activity data is also useful for clear customer insights, performing it manually can be time-consuming which breaks enterprise dreams to sell more and more in less time. The portion of time spent on selling is 33% and the rest is distributed among researching, entering information, and generating quotes.
Salesforce Sales Cloud employs Einstein Activity Capture to sync all calendar events and emails. It also manages time-consuming tasks like data entry and ensures higher productivity and sales.

4) Accurate Forecasting for Optimized Sales Strategy

While using AI tools, sales teams can accurately predict and calculate the revenue that can be generated. These calculations are all based on an array of factors such as previous sales performance, customer shopping history, and records.
Einstein Forecasting provides real-time insights giving the sales team an innate dashboard that offers all visible insights with its graphical interpretations.

AI as a business strategy?

AI is not a potential future technology anymore, it’s already here. Over 80% of e-commerce customer interaction will be managed with AI in 2021. Effective algorithms, smart & integrated selling solutions, and comprehensive analytics are improving the decision-making of sales reps.

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Pratyush KumarAccelerated Transformation of Sales with Salesforce AI Tools: The Power of Personalization