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About Penthao Tool

Pentaho is an open-source business intelligence and reporting tool that is used by enterprises and startups alike to process their data of any kind, collected from any source, and can be integrated with any third party software easily.


Pentaho Data Integration Services

at Algoworks helps businesses give meaning to their implementation of Pentaho and this together with our
Pentaho Consulting Services
gears up their business plans for maximum efficiency.

Pentaho has robust in-built report generation features which themselves can be extended through plugins and customization.

Penthao Tool

Why Pentaho Business Intelligence

Profound Java based business intelligence suite that can be customized to extract insights out of any complexity of data architecture and any size.

Pentaho Consulting Services

Real-time self-created reports and on-demand ad-hoc multi level report generation

Pentaho Reporting Services

Real-time self-created reports and on-demand ad-hoc multi level report generation

Robust Visual Analytics

Great in-built visual analysis features and can be integrated with custom dashboards

Blended Big Data

Can consume data from multiple source, multiple data warehouse and in multiple format

Flexible And Extendable

Can be scaled and clustered to work for any size of enterprise-level environment

Pentaho Data Integration Services

data source, and web services. Real-time data transfer for real-time monitoring

We can Transform your Business

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About Our Services

As trend setters in the field of Business Intelligence and reporting, Algoworks is atrusted name in the field of Pentaho development.

Pentaho Consulting Services

Enhanced data driven insights, simple, structured & scalable approach cutting across all the Pentaho Big Data Analytics that help accelerate your time to ROI.

Pentaho Implementation and Customization

With the

Pentaho Consulting Services

set, next you go Design, Develop and Deploy Pentaho-based end-to-end custom BI solutions on your on-premise or cloud systems.

Custom Pentaho dashboard development

Harness the real power of Pentaho through visually appealing custom dashboards, graphs, olap cubes, and standard tabular reports.

Pentaho Data Integration Services

PDI or Algoworks’

Pentaho Data Integration Services

is the key to unlocking the value of data by delivering precise, ‘analytics ready’ data to end users from every required source.

Pentaho Data Warehousing

Integrate data from multiple sources and data warehouses into a single solution for in-depth insights.

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