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What is CI/CD?

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment is a key concept of DevOps methodology. Companies that use an agile approach benefit from breaking the silos between management, development team, operations team, and QA team. It helps them cooperate, achieve common goals, and build synergies.
CI/CD transforms the collective effort into the automated process of an application build, full test coverage, and quick zero-downtime deployment.

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Why CI/CD Automation?

Benefits of CI/CD

Enhanced delivery

Continuous Deployment guarantees that the delivery process is automated and staging environments match production.


Continuous Integration guarantees a certain quality of the application after being configured.

Speed & Productivity

With CD, customers get faster access to new features and bug fixes, and developers get more immediate feedback about the changes they have made.

Hire KnockoutJS Specialists

Algoworks’ CI/CD Expertise

Algoworks provides the following services:
  • CI/CD strategy designing and road-mapping, end-to-end implementation, and maintenance and optimization.
  • CI/CD implementation, current infrastructure evaluation, and elimination of bottlenecks.
  • CI/CD consulting, CI/CD pipeline audit, and control of the execution.
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