Algoworks Attend Fintech Meetup 2024

Fintech 2024: Captivating Insights

It will be the year’s best fintech, having 45,000+ meetings, 175+ incredible speakers, 5,000+ attendees, and 100+ co-located events. Whether you’re a startup seeking growth, a tech guru, or a finance professional, Fintech Meetup 2024 is your platform to connect, learn, and be inspired.

Why Fintech Meetup 2024 Stands Apart?

Fintech 2024 stands out as a unique event in the financial technology sphere. With over a decade of event expertise with the latest technologies, it will be an unprecedented meeting ground for fintech professionals. This event distinguishes itself with its advanced tech-enabled networking and collaboration, offering a groundbreaking and awe-inspiring experience.

Its vast network of co-located events provides a comprehensive, first-class, five-star experience, ensuring the highest return on investment for attendees.

Fintech Meetup 2024
  • Vidit Kumar

    Vidit Kumar
    VP of Business Development

  • Arpit Goliya

    Arpit Goliya
    CTO & Global Head

  • Jared W. Slomack

    Jared W. Slomack
    Senior VP Client Services

  • Arnav Chakraborty

    AVP – Sales

  • Stephen Miller

    Stephen Miller
    Consultative Sales Specialist

  • Rohit Jaitley

    Rohit Jaitley
    Senior VP, Product Engineering

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Algoworks Attend Fintech Meetup 2024

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Agenda Of Fintech 2024

The Fintech Meetup’s agenda is meticulously crafted to address the most critical aspects facing the industry and your organization. It’s organized into five easily navigable themes: Banking & Payments, Lending & Credit, Innovation & Transformation, Fraud, Identity & Risk, and Legal, Regulatory & Compliance.

This time, sessions will be practical, devoid of jargon, and devoid of pay-to-play, ensuring you receive valuable, unbiased insights for maximizing ROI and impact.

Fintech Meetup

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How Algoworks Can Benefit You?

Algoworks, a leading fintech solutions provider, can significantly benefit Fintech Meet Up 2024 attendees. With their expertise in financial technology, they offer innovative solutions, such as AI-powered analytics, blockchain integration, and mobile payment systems.

Algoworks can help businesses stay competitive in this rapidly evolving fintech landscape, enabling them to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences.

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