Fintech Meetup 2024 Awaits! Invitation to 2nd Largest Fintech Event

Fintech Meetup 2024 Awaits! Invitation to 2nd Largest Fintech Event

Are you a fintech enthusiast who likes to explore the latest tech inventions shaping the current financial landscape? Well, it’s time to gear up for the 2nd largest Fintech Event in the US.

Fintech Meetup 2024 is ready to welcome you from March 3 to 6 at Venetian, Las Vegas!

The event brings together the brightest minds and visionaries from the finance and banking sectors. The four-day-long showcase is ready to display the transformative power of fintech. You will witness how integrating Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will revolutionize Baking-as-a-Service for all of us!

Do you want to experience the exciting future of fintech with Algoworks? Let’s meet & continue our exploration at Fintech Meetup 2024!

A Quick Event Overview For You

With 5000+ fintechers attending, the much-anticipated “Fintech Meet Us – 2024” is set to take place at the Venetian in Las Vegas. This four-day extravaganza will provide a central stage for the convergence of top fintech industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and innovators in banking.

Event Date: March 3 to 6, 2024

Current Sponsors: 350+ companies will exhibit at Fintech Meetup with 45,000+ onsite meetings for you to connect with your potential future partner.

You can also apply to sponsor here!

Overview Of The Types Of Attendees:

a) 64% established Fintech Companies and 36% Startups

b) 36% C-level or equivalent professionals

c) 23% VP-level and 28% Director/Manager level professionals

Other than fintech establishments and startups, many banks, credit unions, large tech firms, consulting or analyst firms, investor firms, retailers or merchants, and many media companies will attend the Fintech Meetup 2024.

Know The Keynote Speakers And The Upcoming Panel Discussions

Below are the most influential Fintech Leaders who will speak at the Fintech Meetup 2024:

a) Simran Rekhi Aggarwal – The founder of Fintech Meetup, will speak about the emerging trends and transformational technologies in Fintech.

b) David Castillo – The head of AI & ML technology at JPMorgan Chase & Co., will showcase the power of Generative AI and Data Analytics for customer baking.

c) Kristel Adler – The Vice President of American Express, will discuss how data blueprints can fulfill small businesses’ cash flow management needs.

d) Nadine Chakar – The Managing Director and Global Head of DTCC, will showcase their latest digital asset services.

e) Irfan Ahmad – The Managing Director of Bank of America, will discuss the company’s Global Transaction Services (GTS) and their recent payment innovation, “Pay By Bank.”

Plus, there are 150+ more who are all set to discuss their latest fintech inventions as prolific industry investors and large solution providers. Click here to join as a speaker!

Future-Ready Fintech Solutions & Services To Look Forward

The Fintech Meet Us – 2024 event promises an immersive exploration of cutting-edge solutions and services across various domains, including:

a) Payment Facilitation (PayFac) and Processing Solutions
b) Generative AI and Machine Learning Solutions
c) Digital Banking with Embedded Finance Solutions
d) Lending-as-a-Service Platforms with Payment & Deposit Solutions:
e) Real-Time Payments (RTP) & Instant Payments solutions
f) Cybersecurity, Fraud Detection & Risk Management Solutions
g) Digital Lending & Loan Automation/Servicing Platforms
h) Budgeting & Personal Financial Management (PFM) Solutions
i) Central Bank Digital Currencies and Crypto Brokerage Services

This year’s Fintech Meetup will give you various branding opportunities to promote your Fintech services among the attendees during all on-site or pre-event stages.

Schedule-at-a-Glance: Discover What’s Happening When!

It’s time to kick-start your finance year as you participate in the Fintech Meetup show. Tabletalks, Group Discussions, 1:1 Meetings, and an Exhibiting Showcase Hall – Here is the event schedule in detail:

a) Sunday, March 3: Once you reach the venue, the track session begins at 2 PM Networking Break and Opening Remarks events. So, participate in the Welcome Reception to get an overview of the events in the coming days!

b) Monday, March 4: The 1:1 meeting sessions begin at 10:45 AM. So, join the table talks and view the sponsored content that interests you the most. You can check out the keynotes at 2 PM and join in on extended 1:1 meetings and tech talks from 3:10 PM. Finally, the day ends with the “Exhibit Hall Reception” at 5:00 PM, showcasing top fintech solutions from established firms and startups.

c) Tuesday, March 5: On the third day, you will get used to the event schedule as it’s the same as yesterday’s. Only the list of speakers and the topic of table talks/group discussions will change!

d) Wednesday, March 6: It’s time for the event attendees to look for strategic partnerships! The track sessions begin at 9:30 AM, and you can communicate with your potential future partners!

A Place To Connect: Why Must You Join?

To get business done! Fintech Meetup 2024 is the ultimate destination to forge partnerships and close deals with high ROI. Plus, you learn new things and explore what’s happening in the finance & banking sector. Still not convinced? The reasons why it’s a not-to-miss opportunity for you:

a) Meet potential partners and customers, including merchants, banks, and credit unions.
b) Connect with famous faces who are well-known for their life-long achievements.
c) Meet the brilliant minds behind innovating various Banking-as-a-Service solutions.
d) Buy, sell, and discover top enterprises’ latest fintech products and solutions.
e) Uncover the hottest startups that are ready to launch future-ready innovations.
f) Build networks as you interact with market analysts and investors through meetings.
g) Fund startups or raise capital for potential acquirers or acquisition targets.

Fintech Meetup 2024 is the central hub for connecting and learning from industry innovators. Alongside, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore your business’s prospects as you attend the co-locating events!

How To Participate? Check Out The Process

The entire event registration process is now live! The pricing ranges for individual or bulk tickets are as follows:

a) General attendees -> $3,195
b) Banks & credit units -> $1,695
c) Early-stage startups -> $1,595
d) Growth stage startups -> $1,795
e) Merchents & relaiers -> $1,695
f) Students or professors -> $1,795

The hosted banks, credit unions, retailers, and merchants will get free participation tickets with hotel reimbursement of up to $750. Also, employees in transition can get free tickets available at a limited quality only.

Check out the details here.

Free or paid, you must fill out the online form and comply with all the ticketing terms of the event to confirm your participation!

Algoworks Association: How Can You Benefit With Us?

Algoworks, the leading fintech solutions provider in the US, is excited to join Fintech Meetup 2024. As you look forward to attending the event with us, we promise to elevate your experience as we bring valuable insights from this year’s Fintech Meetup. Connect with Algoworks during networking events and roundtable discussions to receive personalized consultations. Algoworks team is eager to share experiences and explore potential partnerships to expand our industry connections. Let’s connect now!

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