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What is Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud?

Built on Salesforce, Non-Profit Cloud integrates the digital workflow of Event Management, Fundraising, Marketing & Communications and Volunteer
Management teams to deliver experiences that surpass the expectations of
today’s digital stakeholders. The Non-Profit Cloud, being practically free
and open-source, leverage the #1 CRM to create a Constituent Relationship
Management system for Non-profit organizations. The Cloud empowers non-profit
organizations to fund and run all their campaigns using one connected platform.
+31% Donor Retention Rate (2020)*
+48% Constituent Conversion (2020)*
-31% Service Costs (2020)*

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More About Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Growth Kit

Salesforce.org’s Nonprofit Cloud offers a product bundle called The Growth Kit which includes NPSP, Pardot and Quip. You can also customize similar product bundles by including Communities, Marketing Cloud or 3rd party Applications, etc. with NPSP to suit the needs of the customer.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is the data architecture based on the Salesforce development platform that has been preconfigured with various types of use cases that Non-profit Orgs need, supporting Donations, Households, and more. It was built for, and with, a community of over 47,000 nonprofits, enabling pre-built fundraising and constituent management capabilities.

Benefits of Non-Profit Cloud

Keeps the Business Organized

The Cloud has a built-in functionality that helps your nonprofit to design workspaces for everyone involved.

Provides Support

This flexible open-source data architecture blends both the data and community all together to provide a complete overview of different donors, constituents, and more.

Is Affordable

“The Power of Us” by Salesforce is a nonprofit yet very affordable program.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) offers immediate access to the donors and people who will act to make a nonprofit business thrive. You have full flexibility to personalize the constituent journey accordingly.

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How to customize the Non-Profit Cloud?

Custom fields & Field Labels – Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has multiple easy-to-use features that can create, edit, hide, or change individual fields as per your unique needs. Similarly, you can change or update the existing Field Labels without affecting the platform functionalities.

Data Management & Cleansing – Data Cleansing is very important to maintain data quality. It contributes to effective data management that Salesforce Consultant imports through NPSP or Nonprofit Success Pack. NPSP uses a set of imported pre-designed data templates to allow user accounts and contacts to standardize donation data import.

Integration – Salesforce Integration is the most powerful entity that integrates any third-party application or platform with Salesforce. It leverages different programming interfaces so that developers can create custom apps and websites based on the backend information. Thus you can integrate accounting software or Gmail with Salesforce and save a lot of time and effort in managing donation reports or email campaigns.

Automation – As a nonprofit, you may need to employ automation in various processes. For instance, if someone gives you a gift over $20,000, a task can be automatically generated to thank them over a call. Automation can enhance your work efficiency by generating tasks and reminders for specific departments based on certain decided criteria or operational triggers.

Volunteer Management – It is a function that is offered as an installable package. Here you’re able to track volunteer contacts, set up volunteer campaigns, add roles and volunteer opportunities, and allow for registration of a volunteer to those opportunities.

Custom Reporting – The reports provide helpful surface-level analysis. If you’re looking for a deeper approach, you might need to build some custom reports. Not every organization will need to track the same metrics. You can create pre-generated custom reports that helps in tracking and optimizing your NPO’s growth.

Email Templates – Email templates are the best solutions for people who send out multiple emails every day. With a set of well-designed templates, you can create hundreds of emails without even worrying about the email design. Utilize the power of Salesforce marketing & communication tools to send well-curated emails to individuals and mass recipients for case updates, donation acknowledgments, event invites, promotional offers, donation campaign emails, and monthly newsletters.

Algoworks' Non-Profit Cloud Offerings

At Algoworks, we offer:

Constituent & Donor Management
event management
Event Management
Fundraising Campaign Management
volunteer management
Volunteer Management
reports and dashboards
Reports & Dashboards
Marketing & Communications