Top JavaScript Frameworks: What’s Going to Rule 2021?

Top JavaScript Frameworks: What’s Going to Rule 2021?

The year 2020 underwent the most outrageous global coronavirus pandemic. This ongoing crisis also affected all aspects of human existence in utter terms.

The IT industry is still impacted by this pandemic, but it is one of the global industries that pushed ahead in 2020 and is expected to move faster in 2021 as well.

As we are on the topic of technology, let’s talk about JavaScript, the flag-bearer of programming languages. The Javascript language supports programming styles that are event-driven, functional and imperative. In its initial days, it was only used for client-side development. However, these days, it is also used as a server-side programming language as well, So in short JavaScript is a web-tech language.

javascript framework

JavaScript is the world’s most popular web language. There are around 1 billion web apps using JS in some or another form.

javascript framework

Let’s get to the top JavaScript frameworks that are about to rule 2021:

Javascript differs from the library in its control flow. Some of the JavaScript frameworks follow a model-view-controller paradigm designed to sort web apps into orthogonal units in order to improve code quality.

1. React.js

React is the JS framework developed and maintained by leading social media giant Facebook in 2013. It is an open-source, declarative, component-based javascript library for large data-driven web application interfaces. React introduces its own concepts to stand-away from other frontend web frameworks. It prompted the development of a plethora of additional tools to reach high flexibility and scalability. React dominates the search volume at 57.5%.


  • • creates interactive and dynamic UI for both websites and mobile applications, it uses the declarative approach which makes the code readable and easy to debug.
  • • Uses the concept of “Virtual-DOM object”. Virtual-DOM is a representation of real DOM elements generated by React components before any changes are made to the page.
  • • It uses JSX, a special markup language that mixes HTML into JS.
  • • It uses “FLUX” for unidirectional flow of data or we can say one-way data binding.
  • • It is component-based, that is everything is a component of the web page divided into small components to create a view. Components are used to define the visuals and interactions in applications.

2. Angular:

Angular is one of the most powerful and efficient open-source JavaScript frameworks developed by Google in 2016. It uses the MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. It changes from MVC to Component-based architecture in version Angular 2.X. Angular uses the language TypeScript and CoffeeScript, which are supersets of JS.


  • • Angular is a cross-platform web framework for progressive Web Apps i.e. they are capable, reliable, and installable. These pillars transform them to feel like a platform-specific application.
  • • Desktop installable apps can be created across Mac, Windows, and Linux using the same Angular method to access native OS APIs.
  • • It is the Universal platform i.e. it serves both for the frontend and backend by using some library and code which is known as Angular Universal.
  • • It has the component named as Router, using Router angular apps load quickly.
  • • Create UI views with the help of simple template syntax.
  • • Angular Augury, a special Chrome extension, used in order to debug apps.

3. Vue.js:

One of the most attractive features of Vue.js is its dual integration mode for creating high-end single-page applications. It is a reliable platform for developing cross-platform applications.


  • • It uses the concept of Virtual-DOM just like in React.js. It is the clone of the principal DOM elements which absorbs the changes made in the DOM present in the form of JavaScript and compared with the original data.
  • • It is much simpler and less restrictive than Angular and also worth considering instead of React.
  • • It uses the Vuex library- a Flux-like state management tool.
  • • Data-binding is a feature to mix HTML layouts with JS. We have to use v-bind or v-if to interpolate values from the component logic to templates.
  • • Weex, a JS library, supports Vue syntax and is used for mobile development.

Which JavaScript framework to choose in 2021?

Well, there are hundreds of open-source JavaScript frameworks available. Angular and React get immense support from Google and Facebook respectively, so you can be sure that these tools won’t be off in near future. For a new approach and experience, you can try Vue.js which has simplicity in its hands.

Although we have mentioned only three frameworks, there are many other JS Frameworks to which developers should have an open mind.

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