Latest Salesforce Commerce Cloud Tools to Enhance Developer Experience

Latest Salesforce Commerce Cloud Tools to Enhance Developer Experience

Recently, Salesforce announced some new tools at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2020 in New York City for boosting the developer experience of Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers. These tools help Salesforce development companies to improve flexibility, speed, and scale. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform provides agility and flexibility to its customers with a highly trusted experience.

The enhancement features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud announced in the NRF are the following:

Accelerate headless commerce experiences:

The Commerce Cloud developer uses Commerce Platform features and productivity tools for the development purpose. At NRF, Salesforce introduced a new enhancement to increase headless commerce implementation. It offers new high levels of scalability and flexibility to perform commerce with ease. Salesforce introduced the following for accelerating commerce experience:

  • New and enhanced Commerce APIs: With the help of enhanced Commerce API, developers can perform faster development of custom commerce applications which helps to reach shoppers at every touchpoint more seamlessly.
  • MuleSoft Accelerator for Commerce Cloud: Using MuleSoft’s integration, Salesforce can help connect to other systems like ERP financial systems or product management tools and exchange information between the two systems.

Commerce Cloud Developer Center:

Commerce developers wish to build headless commerce applications easily, quickly, and effectively. For that, they need to use the resources, guidance, best practices, and an engaging community to improve their productivity on schedule time. For this, Salesforce provides:

  • Commerce Cloud Developer Center: Commerce Cloud Developer Center serves as a new API community. It helps developers to quickly discover, share, and build headless commerce experiences.
  • Developer toolkit and sample apps: Salesforce provides some sample codes and coding guidelines so that the developers can build the commerce app easily and effectively. It provides IT teams with SDK and guidelines.
  • Headless Commerce Solution Kits and Trailhead modules provide step-by-step instructions and best practices for the developers. Using these instructions, a developer can develop the best commerce app.

Commerce Cloud Einstein AI Dashboard:

The Commerce Cloud provides some analytics and reporting capabilities that can be used by the Commerce team to make intelligent, informed business decisions. It also provides a Dashboard feature that offers insights into performance metrics and trends. The enhanced version of the dashboard for the Commerce Cloud is Einstein AI Dashboard that provides you with real-time metrics so that users can take actions on the go. Einstein AI Dashboard provides real-time metrics that have helpful actionable information. This actionable information, such as cross sites, storefront pages, and custom date ranges, is used for optimizing AI-powered product recommendations, success evaluation, and ROI increase.

Salesforce Order Management unlocks omnichannel:

Salesforce Order Management helps commerce-based companies to make a wide channel by chaining with other commerce companies and customers. It also helps to make good relations with its customers by providing good service and support and fulfilling their requirements.

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