Serverless Architecture & DevOps: How Do They Serve Each Other?

Serverless Architecture & DevOps: How Do They Serve Each Other?

With the introduction of Amazon’s AWS Lambda in 2014, the term “serverless” started gaining momentum and since then, it has only seen an exponential growth. But, what exactly is ‘serverless’?

Serverless architectures are the applications that are dependent on third-party services, also known as Backend as a Service (BaaS), or on custom codes that are run in temporary containers, also known as Function as a Service (FaaS). Not to go with the literal meaning, the term “serverless” denotes that the person or business that possesses the system does not require renting or purchasing virtual machines or provision servers in order to run the back-end code.

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Serverless architecture serves us with these benefits:

  • It offers quick software release and reduces time-to-market. It allows developers to build apps rapidly.
  • Serverless helps you save! The development and operational costs are cut very low.
  • It eradicates the need of upgrading existing servers and developers don’t need to implement code to scale as well.
  • Serverless allows for developers to focus on code and make a faster delivery as it works with agile development.
  • It doesn’t even require system administration and also simplifies deployment.

Now all that said, it is time to see how DevOps comes into the picture. When migrating to serverless platforms, DevOps seems like the only successful way to do it, especially in the initial stage of adoption.

There’s more to it. It is up to DevOps when it comes to comparing the pros and cons of migrating to serverless platforms. What else? What further relevance does DevOps hold for serverless deployment?

  • It is not at all easy to segregate development and operations when it comes to editing any serverless function as it will need to be in the surrounding of its operation in the cloud. Does it ring a bell? DevOps, of course! DevOps encourages the combination of development and operations and serverless deployments typically incorporate this combo.
  • Serverless architecture blurs the line between cloud operations developers and engineers as the roles are merged into one, encompassing the main element of DevOps. This unites and synchronizes the development and operations functions.

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Migrating to a serverless platform is definitely going to affect many job responsibilities as a lot of roles will be disrupted, and will require DevOps to step in. Solving any current DevOps challenges will be a crucial start when making the switch to serverless architecture. However, once the migration has been done to a serverless platform successfully, the workload of the DevOps team will be reduced as there will not be much server maintenance work for the team.

The serverless deployment will not run on its own entirely. Setting up and configuring pipelines and deploying serverless code will require someone, and that person should be well-versed with DevOps function in order to enable a path from a developer’s work table to the cloud bearing the serverless capabilities.

Serverless and DevOps, hand in hand, can do wonders for any organization. The way these both complement each other will have an impact like no other duo, making your deployment much simple, delivery way faster, and work more efficient.

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