Choosing NoSQL over RDBMS

The main advantage of NoSQL is horizontal scalability and distributed storage. That means you can have a large number of ‘cluster nodes’ and write to them in parallel. The cluster will ensure changes are propagated to the other cluster nodes eventually (eventual consistency).

Application development

The developer requires high coding velocity and great agility in the application building process. NoSQL databases have proven to be a better choice in that regard, using object-focused technologies such as JSON.

Operational Issues

As a database grows in size or the number of users multiplies, many RDBMS-based sites suffer serious performance issues. If organization is facing such issues, then consider using NoSQL technologies.

Data warehousing & analytics

Real time analytics for operational data is better suited to a NoSQL setting. Where data is brought together from many upstream systems to build an application, NoSQL is a must.

Apache Cassandra Architecture

Cassandra’s architecture is based on the understanding that system and hardware failures can and do occur. It’s architecture allows any authorized user to connect to any node in any datacenter and access data using the CQL language. CQL uses a similar syntax to SQL.

Cassandra Implementation

Cassandra Ecosystem

Key Elements Of Cassandra

Components of Cassandra

Node, Data Center, Cluster, Commit Log, Mem-table , SSTable.

Data Replication

There are two kinds of replication strategies in Cassandra. Simple Strategy and Network TopologyStrategy.

Cassandra Support
Write Operation

Coordinator sends a write request to replicas.

Read Operation

There are three types of read requests, Direct request, Digest request, Read repair request.

Algoworks Cassandra Services

Seasoned consulting experts with hands-on Apache Cassandra architecture and operations experience.

Cassandra Consulting Services:

Algoworks’ team of seasoned professionals helps our clients to attain the best Cassandra Solutions. We aim at offering professional services therefore help our customers investigating, designing, deploying and evaluating their solutions. We have worked with industries of all sizes and scales, equipping them with scalable and flexible Cassandra solutions.

Enterprise Support:

No matter how you are using Apache Cassandra or related technologies, we have direct hands on experience with your use case in diverse domains like Education, Marketing, Advertising, Finance, Health, Social. Dedicated Cassandra Support services. We have dedicated on-call experts which offers Apache Cassandra support services 24/7.

Database Migration Services:

Our Team of experienced and proficient developers help the customers in moving the database to open source Apache Cassandra with zero downtime. We can help with one of this biggest challenges of adopting a new database technology. Let our production and operational experience help you with no downtime migrations.

Cassandra OEM Support:

Apache Cassandra is bundled and delivered by OEMs globally. We offer 24/7 enterprise-grade support for OEMs and their customers. We hold niche in delivering advance support and operational testing services. Also we hold consulting expertise where delivery of successful integration of Apache Cassandra into OEM product solutions is required.

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Reasons Why To Choose Cassandra

The Apache Cassandra database been Open Source is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Apache Cassandra provides some unique benefits that make it a must have in any database developer’s toolkit.

Simple solutions for complex problems

Cassandra provides an elegant and simple solution to complex problems like centralized logging.

High Performance

Easily deals with data velocity, data variety and data complexity issues.

High Availability and Fault Tolerance

Data replication feature of Cassandra makes it highly available and fault-tolerant.

Column Oriented

Cassandra stores columns based on the column names, leading to very quick slicing.


Cassandra is famous for being a Schema-less/schema-free database in its column family.

Custom tuning

Cassandra offers lot of knobs and levers which can help in optimize your workload and environment.