Salesforce Einstein – CRM Stepping Into The World Of AI

Salesforce Einstein – CRM Stepping Into The World Of AI

We belong to a hyper-connected world these days where each and every step we take is an onslaught of data. So for this world what we need is something to get hold of the immense data surge and draw necessary insights from them. Especially in the world of business these data and their patterns can reveal much about the future needs and thereby help in enhancing sales to a great extent.

Data is overwhelming. This immense volume and variety of data can be collected, processed and the useful information can be used to enhance sales and fine tune the marketing strategies. AI thus allows you to identify the patterns and helps to provide quick, personalized and appropriate services to the right customers.

But the only solution to the query how the unfathomable data can be converted to a meaningful stream of data generating valuable insights is Artificial Intelligence.

So are you already into AI?

You might be oblivious to the fact but anyone who uses a computer or smartphone these days is leveraging the concept of AI already! Like the face recommendation feature in Facebook, the product recommendation of Amazon uses the machine learning algorithms.

What does AI mean to you?

Artificial Intelligence has already captured a huge amount of the market and is transforming the customer’s expectations in a massive way. Generations have flipped and technologies have been adopted in a way like never before. If a customer now walks into a shop the retailer must be aware that he has a smart device in his pocket and the person is pretty much updated with all the aspects of the product. So even the retailers should be one step ahead and be aware of the customer’s preferences antecedently. This concept is prevalent across all types of business as the customers are no more oblivious that you have their data and at the same time they expect you to do a lot more with that data you hold. Expectation re-worded: a more quick, smart and personalized engagement from their end.

How will Salesforce Einstein make a change?

So if Salesforce is put into appropriate use then it can act like an extremely suited tool to feed the data to Einstein from the customer and social data to the activity data (i.e from email, Chatter, calendar, etc). Einstein has its advanced machine learning concepts along with deep learning, natural language processing, and predictive analysis and all these makes it possible for it to create a customized model without any manual involvement for each and every constituent. So decision making has reached to an all new level of ease and simplicity. So each and every interaction it has aids it to become much smarter and induce deeper self-learning. So Salesforce einstienism helps it to deduce relevant insights, predict the high probability outcomes and recommend the best after steps and thereby automate the tasks.

The visualization…

With the introduction of Salesforce Einstein, the exercising of Artificial Intelligence has been democratized to a great extent. Till date, Salesforce had the ability to provide categorized data but without the proper knowledge and expertise to analyze it, the data has no meaning. Data storage is a pretty difficult stuff and the scarcity of data scientist adds to the problem but with Salesforce Einstein the idea of Artificial Intelligence has been democratized and anyone in the nonprofit can easily avail the AI concept for carrying out data analysis and plan the course accordingly and at the same time set up automation process depending on the outcome.

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Benefits to be reaped:

The teams will be more eligible to deliver more timely next-generation proactive service and suggestions. And deliver the proper FAQs on a very stringent time basis before the constituents are driven away. This would help to provide a proactive guidance which will give appropriate suggestion like to share what piece of knowledge with whom and at what time before any issues or conflicts arise. AI has, therefore, become one of the most vital elements for smart, quick and personalized engagement across any interaction you can think of.

So with the embedded intelligence, you become more capable of conveying the right message at the right time in the most digestible fashion. So when you are using Salesforce you have access to all the basic information like the CRM data, calendar, social, email, so now that we have the power of AI in the form of Salesforce Einstein it’s time to put that into use and deliver top-notch recommendations, predictions and task automation like never before!

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Pratyush KumarSalesforce Einstein – CRM Stepping Into The World Of AI