Salesforce Einstein: 6 Take-Aways from Salesforce Winter ’17 Release

Salesforce Einstein: 6 Take-Aways from Salesforce Winter ’17 Release

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) continues to grow and with this rapid development comes the ever rising demand of deeper and seamless interaction with the customers. With the Salesforce Winter ’17 release, we are just about to witness the same. The world’s #1 CRM now sets its foot to become the world’s smartest CRM by introducing AI, enhancing the predictability analytics and taking customer relationship management to yet another level.

Salesforce Einstein, as it reads, this time, will allow you to prioritize your leads every time by introducing deep machine learning. It will give you the provision to rank your highest value leads with the exquisite Predictive Lead Scoring for Sales. It will also determine through vivid machine learning those customers who are most likely to engage with Predictive Scoring for Marketing. In short, Salesforce Einstein hails the motto of “be intelligent” about each and every customer interaction.

Although Salesforce Einstein comes with more than 300 new features but the top notch features which will definitely create a hype are as follows:

  • 1. Sales Cloud:

    Predictive Lead Scoring gives a new dimension to Sales. It allows you to utilize the company data to work for you. It takes the historical lead information from industries and titles, time-to-time lead conversions and tells each representative where they should spend their valuable time to reap the maximum benefits. However, predictive lead scoring eliminates the guesswork out of lead nurturing thereby helping the sales representatives yield the best opportunities.

  • 2. Salesforce Inbox:

    This time, Salesforce inbox comes with artificial intelligence. It automatically captures all emails and events in Salesforce thereby helping the sales rep to focus more on selling and building a customer relationship. Activity Intelligence helps you to sell collaboratively as it keeps the entire team on the same page and makes the context available which helps the reps to close deals and make happy customers.

  • 3. Service Cloud:

    The power of CTI is now available in Lightning. You can now seamlessly integrate your third-party computer telephony integration (CTI) system with Salesforce. So connect to your customers faster and resolve issues at a lightning pace.

  • 4. App Cloud Einstein:

    Salesforce Einstein comes with Lightning Navigation and Customization which will cater your app to get discover with a minimum number of clicks. With the Navigation Bar, App launcher and in-app AppExchange Experience you can customize each app experience and make your app available with fewer steps.

  • 5. Analytics Cloud:

    Wave for Sales 2.0 is natively integrated with Sales Cloud and is made available with pre-defined accelerator templates. A sales rep can now easily view key opportunity insights, track myriad activities to manage and enhance the relationship with customers. Mostly sales rep can at once take necessary action on opportunities from within Wave for Sales enhancing productivity.

  • 6. Community Cloud:

    Themes in Lightning Community will give you the provision of customizing the look and feel of your community with ease. You can easily create and apply a theme to match the look and feel of your brand. It’s absolutely lucid to toggle between the themes available in Salesforce Lightning Community Builder and to deploy visually appealing user interface to grab customer attention.

Salesforce is about to become by far the smartest CRM of the world. AI is expected to enhance the output of Salesforce manifold. So get ready to become smarter and predictive with Salesforce Einstein. Prioritize your leads and get the most out of it.

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