Salesforce Einstein Analytics: Powered By AI

Salesforce Einstein Analytics: Powered By AI

It is very well known that the amount of customer data is increasing rapidly every minute of every day. One cannot just manually explore data alone and know each trend or test multiple hypotheses. Handling and managing this enormous data is no less than a challenge which is only increasing the importance of analytics further. Understanding the need of the hour, Salesforce recently revealed its most advanced CRM analytics platform called Einstein Analytics. The platform has opened doors to several amazing features for CRM users, enabling them to use advanced analytics that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Salesforce Einstein Analytics, with Artificial Intelligence incorporated within, has helped in uplifting the potential of analytics by a great margin. Users can now derive better insights, enhance customer service, boost marketing campaigns, and accelerate sales according to the actions very accurately recommended by Analytics. Not only this, Einstein Analytics provides customers with a package full of amazing features as well, mentioned below:

Analytics Apps

Salesforce has clearly reformed analytics for CRM. With role-specific, native analytics apps, Salesforce has eradicated the limitations to data actionability and accessibility big time for every user. Already configured with role-specific KPIs, Einstein Analytics offers users with an intuitive way to learn and understand the most timely data, derive insights and take immediate actions accordingly. Service Analytics platform facilitates service agents and managers to boost up customer satisfaction and enhance it further. Sales Analytics facilitates sales reps to manage and handle pipelines, forecasts, and their team’s performance. B2B Marketing Analytics helps marketers to engage on the basis of insights and sharpen their campaign performance with needful actions. Also, with the analytics app designer, customers can have the opportunity to build their own custom analytics apps on Salesforce.

Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery helps in discovering significant patterns based on business users’ data which does not require building complex and advanced data models. It only takes few minutes for Einstein Discovery to derive and describe insights from millions of data combinations. It makes accurate predictions by instantly analyzing huge amounts of data and mining out crucial patterns. Further, Einstein Discovery generates explanations, answers, and recommendations that are easy to understand and implement by the users. This is done with slide presentations that are generated automatically, containing visualizations and points.

Analytics Trailblazers

Salesforce Trailhead is a series of online tutorials that help beginner and intermediate developers in learning how to code for the Salesforce platform. This interactive and gamified learning platform is enabling Salesforce to encourage users to create and develop analytics apps faster. Trailhead is something that can transform anyone into an analytics trailblazer with several online learning materials.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can now create and enhance the power of Einstein Analytics to more departments and roles with Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading and one of the most popular business app marketplace. With actionable insights, this will encourage all business users to understand and implement smarter decisions about their customers. Today, AppExchange houses more than 20 analytics apps from many well-known ISVs, that are available to use.


Since its inception, Salesforce has only moved in the direction of betterment and satisfaction of its users. With new advancements coming up every other day, it has offered users with tons of tools to experiment with and strengthen their business. Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a platform that will not only give you better insights but lead your business into making every customer interaction smarter.

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