All You Need To Know About New iOS 11

All You Need To Know About New iOS 11

iOS11 has set a new standard for advanced operating systems. With the power of machine learning, today’s mobile applications have become quite intelligent. iOS11 is all set to show its wonders with some amazing new features like multitasking, new camera APIs, and a lot more.

Let’s get to know iOS 11 a little more:

1- Paying Is Easy With Apple Pay

Now users can easily and securely make payments using Apple Pay. This can happen while interacting with Maps and Siri. iOS supports dynamic payment networks and provides a sandbox testing environment and the new API helps users to use Apple Pay directly from the website. iOS 11 introduces for its users a testing environment that allows for test cards directly on their device. Use iMessage or tell Siri to pay using a credit or debit card stored in their Wallet. Once the amount is paid, the money goes into Apple Pay Cash account and can then be used to buy something in stores through Apple Pay. This is an awesome way to pay instead of using a third-party application.

2- App Store Redesigned

iOS 11 iPhone users asked for a makeover of the app store and they go it. Users will be getting a much richer experience and enjoy the gaming section separately, an amazing upgrade. Launching an application will first take you to a ‘Today’ tab which is designed to help application discovery. Users will get to see a new collection of application along with the tutorials to explain how to do particular things in those applications. The second tab is the ‘Games’ tab which is designed to discover new and popular games. Also, users can find previews and gameplay videos within the tab. For games and in-app purchases, the app store has changed drastically. This redesigned app store has given developers the opportunity to make further enhancements to the user experience.

3- Sirikit

iOS11 even overhauled Siri. Siri now has the ability to translate in a variety of languages. Now talk to Siri in French, German, Chinese, Italian and Spanish and enjoy hassle free navigation of Siri using the home button, you no longer have to navigate to the Google Assistant. An amazing add-on to Siri in iOS11 is the ability to search for stuff on Google just by talking!

4- Control Center Rejuvenated

iOS11 has brought a new control center and it potentially looks good. Everything is in one place. Users can now easily customize the control screen according to their needs. User customization even states you can add toggles to the Control Center screen in addition to the ones which Apple does not allow you to change. It also comes with 3D touch support and many more options than before. But there is a drawback with the new control center, you can’t hoard toggles here. The more toggles you try to add, the harder it becomes. But screen recording is available in Control Center.

5- ARKit

Here iOS11 brings something wonderful for Apple. It offers Apple the largest AR platform in the world. This is a great news for augmented reality fans and developers. It hints to some great features coming to the iPhone 8 in a few months from now. Gear up for futuristic life in augmented reality!

What is Apple ARKit on iOS 11 exactly? Developers will be able to place virtual objects into the real world using your iPhone or iPad and its camera. The ARKit offers a set of frameworks which help users to incorporate virtual objects into the world around them. One of the coolest features of ARKits is in Apple Maps via Flyover.

6- Application Deletion

iOS 11 now allows its users to automatically delete applications. You can do this through a feature called Offload Unused Apps. This will help you to get rid of applications you use infrequently when running low on storage and at the same time retain old documents. For users with 16GB devices and tons of apps, this feature will be of great use. This feature may push developers to update their applications to 32-bit if they want their application to continue to attract new users.

7- Push Notifications

In addition to so many great new features, iOS 11 has brought something else very useful to its users, privacy. Push Notifications have reached quite an advanced level. Now users can view a video or read comments on a post without actually opening the application. This is because users now have the option to make their notifications public or private and decide whether other’s should see them or not. Developers will have to rethink their push notification strategy and better understand the kind of experience users are looking for.

8- CoreML

Developing more intelligent applications is now quite easy with rich and fast performing features offered by iOS11. This is Core ML. It offers easy integration of machine learning models that allow you to make highly interactive and intelligent applications with only a few lines of code. CoreML can easily be integrated with Apple products such as the Camera, Siri, and QuickType.

9- Better User Engagement Using Business Chats

iOS11 now provides users an easier and better way to connect with their customers with Messages. It is an amazing way to easily stay in touch with your customers to solve problems, and instantly provide answers to questions. It simplifies the work of customers, they can easily find your business and stay interactive by starting a conversation from Siri, Safari or Maps.

10- Barcode Recognition

The new iOS11 camera application now offers built-in automatic bar code recognition. Now anyone with an iPhone can snap a picture of a barcode and can take an instant tour of the product website. This feature can be integrated with eCommerce apps and ticket booking applications.

Bottom Line

The list of new features is unending and will bring new life to your device.
So, if you have decided to develop iOS11 applications, you must be wondering how much time the iOS11 application development process will take. Get in touch with a developer and update your application for iOS 11. We are here when you need us! Contact Us. 🙂

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