Xamarin Test Cloud – Automating Testing Effectively

Xamarin Test Cloud – Automating Testing Effectively

Xamarin as a cross-platform mobile application development platform which makes it easy for developers to build native apps for Android, iOS and Windows using a single code base written in C#. But this does not simplify the work of developers, still, the developers have to put additional time and effort to ensure that the application runs flawlessly on a wide variety of devices. Developers have to perform elaborate user interface acceptance testing in order to assess the application’s usage and user interaction effectively. Xamarin Test Cloud help enterprises in automating UI acceptance testing effort. Without consuming much of tester’s effort and time, Xamarin Test Cloud assesses the application’s look, feel, functionality and performance across wide variety of devices.

Below are listed few things to know more about mobile testing using Xamarin Test Cloud:

1- Real Devices Actually

Testing and execution using Xamarin Test Cloud actually happen on real devices. It was one of the biggest assumptions about Xamarin Test Cloud that they are not running on actual devices since so many cloud-based Xamarin App Development Services use simulators. This makes Xamarin Test Cloud stand alone as it is distinguished from those other platforms that require simulators to achieve large device counts. Such unique feature sets Xamarin Test Cloud apart from other ‘real device’ testing platforms.

2- Testing Mobile Applications On Multiple Devices

Today in order to become popular and profitable each mobile app must deliver quality experience across a wide variety of devices. This is the reason testers need to perform UI acceptance testing of applications across various models of smartphones, phablets, and tablets. Xamarin Test Cloud enable testers to test the code on more than thousands of device. Testers can simply write the test script once and can run on same scripts to against various devices. Conclusively, you can understand that Xamarin Test Cloud assesses their mobile applications across a large number of devices which are available in the market.

3- Native Or Hybrid App, All On Xamarin Test Cloud

Despite the fact that Xamarin Test Cloud comes from Xamarin, it is not a mandate that your app needs to be built on Xamarin. Any application that can run on a device can be used with Xamarin Test cloud. Such mobile applications can include hybrid apps or apps which are a mix of native and HTML5 based.

4- Assessing Other Mobile App Testing Aspects

For testing mobile application effectively, the testers have to focus on many factors. They, of course, have to keep in mind various ways to interact with mobile devices. They also need to assess functionality and performance of the application in various environments. Along with automating UI acceptance testing, Xamarin Test Cloud also enable users to avail the cloud-based service to test the application under a variety of network conditions which includes 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or no network. Using the common behaviors like rotating the device, pressing any button, changing GPS location, tapping or swiping the screen, users can assess the functionality of the mobile application.

5- Generating The Detailed Reports

In crucial decision-making processes, there is sometimes a requirement of detailed and accurate test results which are related to the mobile application’s release and promotions. Xamarin Test Cloud simplifies the generation of detailed test reports. The testers even have options to generate reports for individual tests. Xamarin Test Cloud makes it easier for users to generate detailed test reports. The testers even have the option to generate reports for individual tests. Testers can even improve the quality of reports by including high-resolution screenshots. These tests reports also provide useful results which are based on test duration, CPU access, memory consumption and similar performance data.

6- Popular Continuous Integration Tools

Xamarin Test Cloud can be integrated with automated builds or continuous. Enterprises today know the value of automated builds hence you can integrate Xamarin Test Cloud with tools and processes. Also, today testers and QA professionals have to repeatedly perform testing procedures and identify and eliminate defects. Xamarin Test Cloud enable individual tests and functionality locally. The testers can submit the tests to Xamarin Test Cloud either manually or by using Continuous Integration tools (CI).

With all these awe-inspiring features, there sound dark clouds too. Xamarin Test Cloud cannot be effectively used for testing certain hardware features like NFC technology and Bluetooth Pairing. But still, enterprises prefer Xamarin Test Cloud and to know more please check the official Xamarin guide.

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